Work it out: 7/8/13

Monday- 3 miles outside after dinner. I tried a new thing Monday. When I came home at 6:30 it was still 95* so I decided to try eating first and running once the sun was almost down. It was mostly successful. I ate pretty light but still felt a little full plus I ate a bowl of cereal when I came home.

It’s not ideal. I still prefer running in the morning, so it’s really tough to get myself out there after dinner, but running before work isn’t an option anymore (too dark, not really safe or smart) and running in 78* certainly felt better than 95* so I guess it will have to work for now at least until the weeknight mileage gets higher.


My Garmin decides when it wants to turn on these days, and yesterday it was just not feeling it, so I don’t have splits. I used the Nike app on my phone and my first two miles were around 10:xx (I was being conservative because I wasn’t sure how my body would react) but I picked it up for the last mile because I wanted to finish under 30, so my average pace was 9:31.

Tuesday- yoga in the park with Deb and Jen! It was so much fun. I say this one thousand times, but I really should do more yoga. It was awesome to stretch and loosen up, and all those Chaturanga pushups had me feeling super sore for the next couple of days. Plus it was awesome to see the ladies and take in this view!


I missed this.

Wednesday- 3 evening miles. Ugh. Adjusting to this late running is tough. We ate dinner later than I planned, and it was starting to get dark out, so I headed out only 10 minutes after eating, and that meal stuck with me throughout the whole run. I think if it had been any longer than 3 miles, I wouldn’t have made it. Lesson learned. Eat earlier or eat after the run. Avg pace 9:28.

Thursday- no miles. I planned to rest Thursday because we had a ton of stuff to do to get ready for a little BBQ at our house Saturday and houseguests all weekend.

Friday- unplanned rest. I so should have run, but it was raining, and I dragged my feet for way too long, and it didn’t happen. Ugh.

Saturday- 3 early miles in muggy weather. It was so hot out even at 8am in a rainstorm. This is going to be one tough running summer. I haven’t run in the morning in a while, so I was dragging. Basically I am no longer equipped to run at any time of day. Avg pace: 10:10.

Sunday- n0thing. I had four miles still left on the calendar, but it was 97* all day, and by the time it cooled down enough to run, I was too tired. It was lame, and it makes me wonder how committed I really am to running right now, but hopefully this weekend was just an anomaly.

Total miles: 9. womp womp.


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