Work it out: 7/15/13

The post with too many words. You’ve been warned.

Monday- 3 miles at late o’ clock with my best running buddy. I did not expect to enjoy this run on a Monday evening after a night of really restless sleep and a crazy day at work, but Chris surprised me by joining in, and the miles flew by. I did, however, feel a little light headed towards the end of the run due to the intense heat we’ve been having here, so I made a mental note to take it slower. Avg pace: 10:15

Tuesday- 4 sluggish miles. Ugh. As mentioned, it’s been topping out at close to 100* these days, which means that even after the sun goes down, it’s still about 85*. I really wanted to make up for the miles I missed last week, so I set out super slow with the intentions of just finishing and not caring about time at all. It must have worked because when I hit 1.5 miles (the distance at which I told myself it would be ok to turn around) I felt fine enough to keep going for the full 4. I was really good at not checking my Garmin and consequently ended up with remarkable even splits (10:30, 10:25, 10:25, 10:35) right around my happy pace (anything faster than 10:30s I’m working for). I tempered my pace by listening to podcasts (This American Life and The Marathon Show) rather than thumping beats. It worked. I finished hot and tired but mostly intact. Avg pace: 10:30.

Wednesday- planned rest day. Went shopping with Debbie, and while I normally hate shopping, I had a blast! Still, how is it that when you don’t need any new clothes, everything is cute and perfect and needs to be bought, but when you’ve got an itch for some new threads (gross. i can’t believe i typed that) everything is terrible?

Thursday- unplanned rest day. oy. Another week where I started strong and petered out. I was feeling so good after Tuesday, but a late night at work coupled with this ridiculous heat wave left me literally laughing at the idea of heading out for a run after our 9pm dinner Thursday night. I felt like a chump for skipping it, but then I checked the temperature at 10:30 (not that I would ever run that late; i just wanted to see) and saw this.


In the 90s. At 10:22pm. That’s just stupid. I thought about running in the morning, but slept in (hah! 5:30 is not sleeping in) and was again assured that I made the right choice.


In the 80s. Before the sun rises. Stupid.

So, here’s where I stand. I’m running out of running options. I don’t feel safe running before the sun rises, and while I’ve thought of shortening my morning routine (so I could leave on my run after sunrise and still be out the door by 6:30 for work – not likely as the days shorten), my stomach is not on board with that plan. Nights are proving less viable as temperatures continue to be insane and my work schedule shifts and changes. It leaves me thinking I may need to do the unthinkable. I may need to … join a gym. A gym that you have to drive to! The horror!

I belonged to a gym (The Y) in high school that I had to drive to, but driving was still amazing then. Since then, my memberships have always come with other exorbitant expenses like college or Jersey City rent and have been within walking (elevator) distance.

Sidebar: This is false. I actually belonged to one gym since striking out on my own. When I lived in my first post college “apartment” (that’s a story for another day). It was a Bally’s. Don’t ever join Bally’s. You’ll never be able to leave. My grandkids will still be paying my monthly membership. Anyway, midway through my first year, the Bally’s I joined burned down. Literally. I assumed this meant my membership would just cease which was fine because it was summer and I was running outside anyway. Turns out, that’s not the case. The official Bally’s policy for if you move or your Bally’s burns down, is that you cannot cancel you membership so long as their is another Bally’s within 50 MILES. Who the fuck drives an hour to the gym? Seriously?

Back to my current dilemma. I should probably join a gym. The good news is that there are a few not too far from my house, and they cost literally $100 less than gyms in Jersey City. The bad news is, I’d have to drive to any of them. I feel like that extra step will result in many skipped workouts. But I happen to be skipping workouts without a gym membership too. So, maybe I should just do it? There was no point to this wall of text. I’m sorry.

Friday- no run. no excuses. It was just hot and I didn’t wanna.

Saturday- finally 5 miles. I must have missed running because I woke up fifteen minutes before my alarm and headed out before 8. The morning was a little overcast which made this


feel more like 75*, which was manageable after these record temps. It started to get sunny and warm by the end of the run, so I was glad to have left when I did. I paid very little attention to my Garmin and just focused on not overheating and finishing the miles. It felt good. Avg pace: 10:39

Sunday- 3 miles. Look at me go. The weather FINALLY cooled off a bit, and I took advantage of it! I felt like I was flying! Turns out I was mediocre-ing. It’s ok though because it felt good. Splits: 9:53, 9:33, 8:54. Avg pace: 9:26

Total miles: 15.


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