Work it out: 7/22/13

Monday- Planned rest day. I actually don’t mind running on Mondays, so it was weird to take off, but I swapped my run for having way too much fun eating sushi with a friend I definitely don’t see enough of.

Tuesday- 3 miles. Oof. This was a toughie. I always come home from work starving, and usually snack (tortilla chips with salsa) and then run with no problem. Oddly, running is the one time my stomach seems made of steel. Unfortunately, I think it met it’s match when I switched up my snacking to some Wheat Thins and Tribe Everything Hummus (try this yesterday). Ate too much hummus, felt sorta sluggish (feels like an early 90s rap track). Anyway, Chris joined me for three too-full miles. Not sure of the pace because my Garmin has been on the fritz, but it felt like 10:30.

Wednesday- 3 miles. Hallelujah the heat wave broke! Wednesday night was gorgeous. We ran three miles then walked another .5 to finish out the loop home and had a seriously hard time coming back inside. Still no Garmin, but let’s say avg pace: 10:15.

Thursday- Planned rest day. This was first time in a long time (my life?) that I actually had to force myself to rest. The weather was a gloriously cool 70*, but my legs have been feeling a little sore lately, and three runs in a row is tough for me. The plan for the weeks ahead involves a lot of back to back to back running, so I figured I should probably take the break. Obviously, I could have worked out in another way, but I seem to either be 100% into weights or 100% into running with little room for compromise.

Friday- unplanned rest. I had three miles on the schedule, but Chris and I decided walking to dinner and then taking a long walk after was sort of the same. It’s probably not, but I don’t really take rest weeks too seriously. I figure since its a chance for your body to rebound, it’s not hyper critical that you make every run. Maybe this is totally off base?

I’m slipping an update in this post because I don’t really want to make a big deal of it. I don’t usually talk about my job here, but Friday was my last day with the company I’ve been with since I graduated college in 2009. It was emotional. Four years is a long time, and I truly enjoyed working with the people I’m leaving behind. It feels like graduating college all over again. It was sad to say good-bye, but I’m sure I’ll keep in touch with the people who’ve been so helpful to me as I built the first part of my career. That being said, I could not be more excited to start my new job! I actually a have a week in between jobs to rest and ready myself, but I’m so very eager to get going! The company is amazing. The people have already been so warm and welcoming, and the work seems really challenging and interesting. I’m nervous for sure, but also so ready for the change!

Saturday- 3 miles. I’m going to keep writing this until I understand it. I must not eat before morning runs. I must not eat before morning runs. I must not eat before morning runs. Ugh. Avg pace: 10:23.

Sunday- 15 mile bike ride. This made me feel better about skipping Friday’s run, and it felt good to do some non-running based exercise.

So, like I said, I have a week in between jobs, which basically means I have zero excuses for missing any runs this week. Let’s do this!


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