Work it out: 7/29/13

After a rest week I was ready to hit the road with my highest mileage week yet. It was good timing too since I had a week of funemployment in my hands and consequently some pre-new-job anxiety to burn off.

Monday- 4 mid-morning miles. Perfect time of day. Perfect running weather. No complaints. Lately, I’ve been deciding what type of run it’s going to be based off how I feel after the first mile. After a first mile of 10:01 (fast for me) I decided to progress down to 9:15. Splits: 10:01, 9:41, 9:25, 9:12. Avg pace: 9:35.

Tuesday- 6 mid-morning miles. Longest run yet in my new town. While it was beautiful, it was a bit more secluded than I’m used to. I’m sure it’s nothing for some people, but it was a little too quiet and off the beaten path. I saw a snake! Anyway, I felt a little unsafe so I tried to order some mace off Amazon when I got home (apparently you can’t order mace in NJ?), which I’ve been meaning to do for a while anyway. I don’t really have a target pace yet, so I’ve just been running my long run without focusing on the Garmin too much. I try and run out at a comfortable pace and back at an uncomfortable pace. Very scientific. Splits: 10:21, 10:33, 10:35, 10:40, 10:29, 10:17. I run an odd loop, so my turn around is after mile 4. Avg pace: 10:29.

Wednesday- planned rest day. Glorious rest day by the pool with the ladies.


As my week of funemployment reached its halfway point, my nerves started to kick in like whoa. I’m so excited, but starting a new job is kinda intimidating, no?

Thursday- 2 miles with my running buddy! The weather took a turn for the disgusting Thursday with intermittent downpours throughout the day. Debbie and I met for a run around her apartment but stuck close to home in case we got caught in a storm. It didn’t rain, but the humidity was pretty gross. Luckily, the company was pretty fantastic. Avg pace: 10:30.

I also did a little vinyasa flow yoga at a studio in Cranford in the morning. I signed up on a whim, and was a little nervous when I got there and noticed most of the other participants with multiple towels on hand. It wasn’t hot yoga exactly, but it was in a small sealed room, and our body heat brought the temp up to 92*. I was soaked. Sorry, that’s gross, but it’s true. Our instructor told us after class that because of the more intense nature of vinyasa yoga, it should not be practiced in an environment cooler than 82*. Interesting. I’ll definitely be back as the class was pretty awesome, and I woke up with sore abs and triceps, but next time I’ll bring some towels.

Friday- 4 fun miles with Chris! Look at me with back to back running buddies. That was fun. Chris and I did our usual loop then ran into town where we heard there was a fun outdoor yoga event going on. I wish I had brought my phone because it was so cool. They closed the street and about 50 people were just doing their thing right in the middle of town. We didn’t join in, but it was fun to see, and we did enjoy a nice walk home. Avg pace: 10:20.

Saturday- planned rest. Sort of. I was on the fence about what to do this week as it was my first (of many) week of 5 runs (instead of the usual 4). I haven’t done a training plan with more than 4 runs a week in a long while. Part of me just wanted to get the last run over with so I could relax Sunday. The other part didn’t really want to run three days in a row. Luckily, the weather made my decision for me as it rained all Saturday morning, so I took the day off.

I got some work done around the house including finally painting the table to match the chairs I did a while back.


Then we headed to the city for Chris’ brother’s housewarming party. I’m still meh about living in the city, but his neighborhood (UES) was really cute and nearly convinced me that maybe I missed out by never living there. Maybe.


ps this is not the apartment we went to. this is the apartment of my dreams.

We finished the night at dinner with our JC and new to JC friends, which was sorta the most perfect way to round out my week of funemployment.

Sunday- 3 miles plus a little walking. Welp. I ran 5 times. It was tiring, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected, so that’s good. Avg pace: 10:20.


Total miles for the week: 19.


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