Work it out: 8/5

I started my new job this week! It was seriously so exciting and amazing and overwhelming. With my new job came new hours, and I was pretty worried about how I’d fit running into a shorter evening.

Monday- 4 miles with my main man. I don’t think this run would have happened without Chris. It definitely wouldn’t have been 4 miles. I’m so thankful for this runner of mine. Anyway, I think the trick to getting out the door on a Monday night when I was thoroughly exhausted from a long day and crazy commute was to just not stop moving. I came home and immediately got changed and headed out sitting only long enough to tie my shoes. I think if I had stopped to think about it, I would have backed out. Of course, I immediately crashed afterwards, but I got it done. Avg pace: 10:46.

Tuesday- planned rest. And rest I did. I felt like I got hit by a freight train Tuesday afternoon. I’m not sure why really. My stomach has been a mess lately, and it’s making me anxious and tired. I cherished this rest day.

Wednesday- unplanned rest. I had 4 miles with two miles at marathon goal pace, but I was not feeling a whole let better than Tuesday.

I think, truthfully, as excited as I was to start this new job, I was nervous as all hell and stressing a lot. It seems crazy to think that I’d be stressed after a week-long vacation, but I was. I got through Monday on pure adrenaline, but as I de-stressed, I think it all caught up to me. My stomach was a disaster, and I was exhausted. Most tellingly, I just didn’t want to run.

There are times when I don’t want to do the run on my schedule, but it’s pretty rare after a day off that I don’t want to run at all. So, I took that as a sign and opted for a nice walk with Chris instead.

I couldn’t believe how guilty I felt (and still feel about it). I’m trying to learn to be kinder to myself, but there’s still a voice in there that always way, “Do more! Do better!” Usually I love it, but sometimes it’s just exhausting, you know?

Thursday- 4 miles. What a roller coaster of emotions Thursday was! After my unplanned rest, I felt mentally ready to hit the road after work. Then it poured and I was all, “Oh well. I can’t run. Guess I’ll just have to nap on the couch. How sad.” Then it stopped pouring and I was like, “Damn.”

Chris opted out of this run, so it was just me and my horribly out of date, not at all inspiring playlist. And my Garmin is back to not working. And I was tired. Whine. But I did it, and I didn’t pay too much attention to the pace on my phone. I just really wanted to get home. It was 8 by the time I left, and I still had to cook and eat dinner, shower and blow dry my hair and I think maybe say some words to that fiancĂ© of mine who I haven’t seen much this week. So, I ran faster. Avg pace: 9:25.

I’m having some serious running dilemmas. I’ll expound on that soon.

Friday- unplanned rest with 4 miles on the calendar. I was exhausted from my first week of work. My back was killing me from my 4 daily miles of walking in crappy flats. Blah blah blah. An excuse is an excuse. I could have run, but I didn’t.

Saturday- long hike and lots of walking. This was supposed to be a run as well, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I slept ten hours which is pretty rare for me, so it was kind of late by the time I got up. Plus, Chris had suggested a hike in a new to me area that I wanted to try, and I figured time spent hiking is as good as time spent running, right? Maybe I’ll be able to hike a marathon in 3.5 months. Woof.




Sunday- 8 miles. Heck yeah I did! I can’t even believe I can start a long run at 10am in the middle of August in NJ. Can this weather please stay forever?

I took two Gu Chomps at mile 5, which might have been a little late as I was already feeling hungry. Chris joined me for the first six miles. Then we swung back by the house, which was fortunate because my stomach wasn’t on board with this running thing. I really hope that’s not the start of a trend as running used to be one of my few sanctuaries from stomach issues. Maybe it was the gel? Anyway, I went back out for the last two. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but I got it done! Avg pace: 10:28.

Some notes to myself on future runs… Try not to drink half a bottle of champagne the night before a long run. Maybe drink some water.

Total miles: 16. Yuck.

I’d like to talk more about running and my goals, but this has dragged on long enough. Happy trails!


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