On the road

I started writing this during hour 12 of a 15 hour drive. And I actually don’t feel terrible… yet. Chris and I, along with Debbie and Mike decided to make a little vacation out of our friend Cameron’s Wisconsin wedding. Rather than fly (tickets were more than $350 a person!) we opted to drive west!

It sounds insane, but with four adults splitting the drive, it came out to just over 3 hours (215 miles) a person. Considering Chris and I have already driven to South Carolina (13 hours) alone, we were down!

We left NJ bright and early at 5:15 and drove through Pennsylvania, Ohio and are making our way through Indiana as I write. From there, we’ll pass Chicago on our way to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Phew! We have a day to decompress before the wedding, and the town looks absolutely lovely, so we’re excited and eager to get out of our car!

Update: arriving here was worth every minute spent in the car.





This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in my life, and so far, we have had a blast! Happy wedding day Cam & Rich! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


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