Book Club Review: Daughter of Fortune

After just absolutely binging on the Game of Thrones books, I had this desire to read something a little more “classic” whatever that means. GoT is so compelling, and I do believe well crafted and written, but doesn’t feel “monumental” whatever that also means. So, I went to the library. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is probably my favorite author, and I contemplated reading Love in the Time of Cholera for probably the fifth time, but a quick Internet search led me to believe I might like Isabel Allende just as much.

Well, I didn’t like her quite as much (an admittedly tall order), but Daughter of Fortune was a beautiful book. I found myself a little confused at the start of the book. I wasn’t sure how all these characters tied together, but the writing is lovely, and I found myself actually smiling as I read certain passages. The story is sweet and flows along very naturally while covering a pretty broad geographical range.

Daughter of Fortune tells the story of Eliza’s life from an abandoned infant to a headstrong, lovesick young woman. Readers follow Eliza over sea and land as she grows and learns what it is she’s really looking for.

I loved the characters and found myself rooting for their successes and mourning their losses. After a string of books whose characters I couldn’t have cared less about, this was a refreshing change. Allende’s style is similar to Marquez in that they both utilize Magical Realism (though Marquez is more magical than realistic) and both describe the beauty and shortfalls of Latin America in a masterful way.

At 400 pages (hardcover) Daughter of Fortune a fairly quick read that I’d definitely recommend.


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