September Goals

Remember how I used to do monthly goals? Me neither. I think that may have been a bit ambitious to maintain continuously, but I do think it’s nice to have now and then.

A new month is a great time to correct mistakes you’ve been making or look for opportunities to improve. August was a tough month for me with my transition to my new job, and I felt like I spent a lot of time frustrated with how I handled things. To try and turn that frustration into something positive, I wanted to focus on the things I’d like to do better. So, here are my September goals:

*Strength train, cross train, do something other than run: Basically, I don’t want to fall into the rut of just running then doing nothing on my off days.
I’ve mentioned before that I don’t feel safe running in the dark hours of the morning before work, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get up earlier and do a little strength training or some yoga. I’m going to start slow and aim for getting up 20 minutes earlier twice a week and doing either core, arms, light legs or a little flow yoga. I’d also like to ride my bike a little more before it becomes too cold and dark to do so. I’d like to get in three rides in September.

*Start doing meal prep on Sundays to streamline weeknights: My weeknights have been so hectic since starting my new job. I get home at 7, and by the time I run, shower and prepare dinner, it’s close to 9:30. Eating that late doesn’t really allow for an early bed time which means that if I want to get even 7 hours, I can’t wake up early enough to accomplish my first goal. I can’t shorten my commute, so I’m going to try and look at ways to reduce my evening chores.

I’ll experiment this month with sautéing veggies, baking potatoes, cooking rice and pasta and preparing meats so that on weeknights, all I have to do is microwave and serve. I have no idea how this will actually work out, but it’s a start.

*Start going to bed on time: Noticing a theme here? As a product of Goal 2 and an incentive for Goal 1, I’d really like to be in bed by 10pm on weeknights.

*Plan on leftovers/takeout one night a week to accomplish some “administrative tasks”: If you can believe it, every single day of every weekend in September is already booked. We are doing something every Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning, which means a lot of the stuff I have to do to maintain order will have to take place on weeknights.

I’m going to pick one day a week that happens to be a rest day and not stress about cooking dinner in order to do things like grocery shop, pay bills, clean the house and pick up dry cleaning.

*Make train time productive time: I’ve already started on this one a little bit. I need to take better advantage of the fact that half of my commute is above ground, and I have a smart phone. This means responding to personal emails in the morning, and calling friends and family in the afternoons. In addition to making sure I stay in touch with the people I’m closest to, it’ll be a time saver for busy nights and weekends.

*Start to focus on my what I’m eating: Since the engagement party kicked off Wedding Planning Phase II, I’ve decided it’s time to start thinking about getting in my best shape for the big day. I’m not making any major changes until after the marathon in November, but I would like to start thinking about getting more veggies and protein in my diet as I think it’ll make for an easier transition overall.

*Accept the things I cannot change: Basically this whole month is about trying to find more hours in a day. I’m going to be busy as all get out for 30 days, and the fact is, things are going to slip through the cracks.

My last goal is just to be ok with that. Chris and running are my top two priorities, so as long as I spend some time with my love and hit the road as often as possible, I’m not going to sweat a few late bed times or weeks where I order takeout every night. If I can make it through this month with my head on my shoulders, it’ll have been a success.


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