On the Hudson

Housekeeping note: I’m attempting to add some structure to the blog. I’m going to try out specific posts linked to specific days of the week for consistency/a better blend of posts. I’m not going to be able to post on each topic each week, but when I do, it will be on a consistent day. I’m thinking Training Recaps on Tuesdays, Wedding Updates on Wednesdays, Fun Life Stuff on Thursdays, Book Club on Sundays and everything else on Fridays. Ok!

I touched on this briefly in my last training update, but it was fun, so I figured it earned it’s own post.

Last Saturday (the Umbrella Motto is : Better Late than Never!) we surprised Mike with a sail boat tour of the Hudson River! It was all Debbie’s idea, and she managed to plan the whole thing and orchestrate the schedules of 15 people without Mike knowing! Talk about sneaky!

We were the first to arrive at their apartment in Jersey City, and at that point Mike knew we were doing something, but he thought it was just us, and he had no idea where we were going. We drove over to the river, (but everything in JC is on the river so this wasn’t a giveaway) and we actually ran into some of his other friends in the parking garage. Can you believe Mike didn’t even notice them?? He must have had his blinders on because they totally surprised him out on the street.
Once we got to the dock, Mike figured out what we were doing, and he was pretty excited! We found our boat and boarded. I was a little nervous as I tend to get pretty seasick on the water, but I took two non-drowsy Dramamine and felt great the entire time. Hooray for modern medicine.
The ride included drinks and light snacks. Chris and I also order a lobster roll to split, but it tasted like tuna salad on a hot dog bun. Not delicious. The rest of the night was so great though. The boat headed east to World Financial Center before rounding the tip of Manhattan and heading up to the South Street Seaport. From there, we had great views of Brooklyn, Governor’s Island and all three lower East River bridges.
Next, he took us closer to the Statue of Liberty than I’ve ever been in my life (I know, I know, bad New Jerseyan). I have to admit, I got a little choked up at that point. I just thought about my ancestors exhausted from months at sea seeing that lady top out over the horizon and feeling hopeful. I found the whole thing incredibly moving.
We also got some amazing sunset shots.
The captain was informative and entertaining, and we learned some new facts and had some fun conversations. It was a really fun and different birthday party, and it made me feel so lucky that we live so close to this amazing city and that we have such cool friends!!
From there, we headed back to Deb and Mike’s apartment and stuffed our faces with pizza and THREE HOMEMADE ICE CREAM CAKES! Deb made Snickers, S’mores and Nutella Krispie ice cream cakes, and they were more amazing than they sound. She insisted they were easy, but I think she’s just being modest.
We left so full and happy. It was an awesome Saturday night and a great start to Labor Day weekend!

PS- This post is especially appropriate today as it’s Deb & Mike’s 3 year anniversary! Happy Anniversary you crazy kids!! You’ve got a good thing going, and you’re definitely an inspiration to us! Here’s to 333 more years!


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