Work it out 9/16

This was another light week since I was both recovering from and preparing for a half marathon. I’ll take the extra space to briefly explain my decision not to continue training for a marathon. I was going to write a separate post, but that felt too dramatic. Basically, I didn’t want to, and I already have a long list of “things I have to do” so when I can relegate something to “things that are nice to do but not necessary” I do.

I missed things that weren’t running more than I enjoyed running. I have a busy life. I spend 60 hours a week either commuting to work or working. I spend another 55 sleeping. That leaves me 53 hours to eat, shower, spend time with family and friends and run. Seems like a lot but it flies by. I started looking at running as a chore which is laughable because hobbies aren’t supposed to be like that. I liked saying I was training for a marathon more than I liked the idea of running for 5 hours in November. Mostly, when I first confessed to Chris that I thought I’d drop it, I felt so relieved. I haven’t regretted it since. I have a feeling I’ll run one someday, but I’ve always said I wanted to wait until I really felt the pull. I didn’t this year, and I’m ok with that.

Monday- foam rolling and rest. Lots of soreness on Monday. I haven’t felt sore after a race in a while. It’s a sign that I ran a faster race than I trained for, which is kind of dumb. I felt a twinge in my right IT band towards the end of the race, and it was tender to the touch all day Monday. I had lots of problems with my left IT band last year, so I spent about 20 minutes rolling everything out on Monday night.

Tuesday- 2.3 mile recovery run. I planned on 3.5, but my legs weren’t loosening up, and my left IT band was feeling extra tight, so I turned around shortly after 1 mile and just went home and foam rolled. I was pretty worried about the IT band, but my legs felt better once I stopped, so I think it was just soreness.

I did a couple 30 second planks and a bunch of crunches. My lower back was aching after the Philly half, and I know it’s because my core is too weak. I’m sure I can’t effect change in a week, but I figure it couldn’t hurt.

Wednesday- rest.We went out to dinner with some lovely friends. I spilled half a bottle of wine all over the white table cloth and, worse, all over Chris’ white shirt. This was before I even had a sip. I’m not usually a klutz, so I felt terrible. Chris didn’t even care. I was just mortified. Maybe I should have abstained this week too?

Thursday- more rest. more wine. I met Chris for an after work happy hour to say goodbye to Andy as he gets ready to leave for Germany.

Friday- rest. An unexpected night with zero plans. I honestly cannot say how rare that is. It was glorious. I cooked and read and drank tea and went to bed early. Perfect.

Saturday- 3.5 miles. This is not the shakeout run I was hoping for. My legs felt much less sore, but my right hamstring was super tight, and there was this pain radiating throughout my hip and right lower back. I finished the run then came home and stretched. I foam rolled and everything felt tender. This was not reassuring. For the first time in a long time, I am nervous for tomorrow. Here’s hoping for the best!

**Oops! This was supposed to publish last night, but it didn’t! I finished the race! Updates to come!**


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