Summer List Update

I guess, much as I hate to admit it, summer has come to a close. As always, it went by in the blink of an eye. This year was even more of a blur thanks to all the major life developments. This was truly a summer of change if there ever was one! We started the summer with a move to our new home, and I rounded out the summer by starting a new job after 4 years with my last company. It was an exciting (and, if we’re being honest, overwhelming) season of change, and I normally never love the winter, but this year, I’m really looking forward to a little hibernation.

Before I close this chapter, let’s see how I did on my summer list!

Hit the Jersey Shore!  Shamefully, I did not make it to the shore even once this summer. Truthfully, I’m not even sure how I missed this one. I think we spent the majority of our free weekends on house projects. It felt silly to spend all our money on this joint and then flee on the weekends. Still, there’s no excuse for a Jersey girl to not at least dip her toes in the Atlantic in a summer. Luckily, I did spend a lot of time on other bodies of water with our Wisconsin trip and our boat tour of the Hudson! 



Host our first guests at our new home. Success! They even had a bed! Right guys? 😉


Throw an awesome housewarming party to welcome all our friends to our new digs! Great Success! Also my “little” sister is way too tall!


Eat ice cream. Fail. I ate it maybe twice? I’m ashamed. I blame my terrible stomach.

See one big summer blockbuster in theaters. Also a fail. Chris and I actually planned a movie date, but when it rolled around there was nothing either of even sort of wanted to see. I blame Hollywood here.

Eat dinner outside at home and restaurants. We did eat outside, but we also quickly learned the mosquitoes in the burbs are not a joke. We almost got eaten alive during our dinner attempt, so we stuck to lunch outside after that.

Sleep in, then walk to town for bagels. Haha we ate a lot of bagels, but we never walked to them. We usually just drove. A mile doesn’t seem so far until you’re hungry, then the car is just too convenient.


Enjoy the heck out of our August engagement party. HUGE SUCCESS. We had the best time ever!


Finally, take advantage of our open invitation to Chris’ parents’ pool. I went, but I didn’t go in, and now, for the life of me, I can’t remember why!

Do some yoga. Yoga done! Once indoors, once outside! Success!


Finish a 10 mile long run. Oh yes. And a 12 miler. And two 13.1s and done.

Walk, run or bike NYC. Just the run. Bummer on the biking.

Set up and put our new grill to work! Huge success! Chris was a grilling machine this summer, and I loved it!


Check out some fireworks. We saw some from our backyard! That counts!

Find a local farmer’s market and take advantage of the best produce of the year. Ok, so this was a flop. The farmer’s markets around here are not great, which was really disappointing for me. Maybe next year we’ll do a CSA.

Figure out how to drive to at least 3 places in my new hometown without the GPS. I can get to Home Depot, A&P and the UPS store. It’s wild times around here.

Maybe actually finally go to that Mets game. Fail. Again.

Road trip to Wisconsin and back again! 30 hours. So much fun.


Tackle one big DIY project. You better believe it!


Canoe/Kayak down the mighty Rahway River! Sadly, this didn’t happen either. I am indeed bummed about that. There’s still time though! Maybe I’ll add this to the non-existent fall list.

So, 13 out of 20 if my math is right (and there’s a good chance it isn’t; i’m tired). Not bad. It was such a full, fun summer! We moved and made some big progress on turning our house into a home, and our new town into our neighborhood. We ran and roadtripped with friends. We celebrated our home and our engagement and certainly counted our blessings. It was wonderful and busy. I have a feeling, I’ll remember this one forever, and I’m pretty happy about that.

Like I said though, I’m looking forward to a little winter hibernation. I have a bunch more projects I’d like to tackle around the house. I’m looking forward to a break from running and a focus on other things (like getting in shape for this wedding. and sleeping. mostly sleeping). I’ve got books waiting to be finished and so much baking to do. Summer you were lovely. I’ll miss you, and I plan on spending the next 9 months resting up for the next go around.


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