Weekend things

Oh what a fun weekend this was! It actually threatened to be detailed on the Friday commute home when my first train made me miss my second train by minutes. I was not a happy camper, but I handled it like the mature adult that I am.


Yeah I whined like a baby. Still, I eventually made it home, but my running plans went out the window since it was dark once I got home.

Luckily things only got better from there. Chris and I had plans to see Gravity at 10pm (who am I?), so we relaxed with a little Cuban takeout (unimpressive) and fought to stay awake. I’m glad we did because the movie was amazing.


What a cutie. Don’t wait for this one to come out on video. I’d say a good 40% of the experience comes from the stunning 3D visuals. The whole movie was so intense. I had to take my glasses off for parts because I was actually a little motion sick. I don’t think I’ve ever been so tense for 90 minutes. My whole body was legit sore. It’s a nail bitter, but it was amazing.

Saturday, I dragged myself out of bed at 8:30 (I guess I’m becoming a night owl?) to meet Judy for a run! Again, so worth it. We usually meet for dinner or drinks, so it was fun to switch it up and have a healthy date. We did a loop of the park before heading to town for coffee and bagels. Perfect. Plus I was showered and done with my workout for the day by 10:30. It’s a good thing too because it ended up being a busy and productive day.

Chris’ dad came up to help Chris do some serious landscaping. He even took a chainsaw to our overgrown tree! They worked for hours while I ran errands with my mom and sister. When I got back, Chris’ dad was leaving, but Chris could not be stopped. He worked for over 6 hours without even eating lunch. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for such wonderful parents and in laws and such a very handy future husband. He’s taken to suburban homeownership so well, and has tackled some seriously impressive projects.

I felt a little lazy watching Chris break his back, so I cleaned the house from tip top to bottom. It took a few hours, but it looked and smelled so good!

Lucky for us, Debbie and Mike agreed to meet us in town for tapas and sangria, which was just the break we needed from all our housework. We had a great time eating outside and soaking up the last of this Indian Summer we have going on.

Sunday we were on the road headed back to Philly (3rd time in 30 days!) to hang out with some family I don’t see very often including most spectacularly, my grandparents!!


I just love them. It’s rare that they come up to visit, as we usually opt to head to Florida (duh!) so it was just great to see them. I had so much fun and was really bummed to have to say goodbye. Luckily, it’s only for a few months as we usually try to get down there around March.

The day was extra fun because it was Chris’ first time meeting a big part of my family, and it’s always a blast to show him off.

We got stuck in a terrible downpour on the way home which delayed us a bit, but we made it by dinner time. I headed to the grocery store (I love going right before it closes. It’s empty!) and did our weekly shopping then came back and prepped for an hour and a half. I washed, chopped, roasted, boiled and cleaned up in the hopes of saving some valuable weeknight time later on.

We finally relaxed with our dinner and some Jon Stewart (makes me feel slightly better about our government predicament) before crashing hard for the night.

All together, this weekend was the perfect blend of fun and productivity. I feel really settled starting the week with a clean house and a full fridge, and I had enough fun to get me through to next Friday!


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