I did it.

I finally joined a gym after weeks (months?) of contemplating, I did it.

And I’m excited! It’s so ridiculously cheap compared to Jersey City. For 1/5th of what I’d have paid back in JC for a standard membership, I got unlimited classes and guest passes which means I basically paid for Chris’ membership too. Hooray!

Plus, things work! I started to get bored on the treadmill (the obvious downside) staring at the blank tv screen when I thought, “I can watch this!” I was so used to the TVs being broken or not connected to cable that I didn’t even consider the option that it might work!

It opens at 5 which is the latest I could work out and get to work on time and the last classes start at 7:30 which is the earliest class I can make. Minorly convenient. It’s now dark on my commute home, so I’m thankful I have another option, and I’m excited to ride this wave of enthusiasm over the shiny new-ness of the gym and actually try some different things.

Monday I ran 3 quick miles and remembered why I was so much speedier in college when I mainly ran on treadmills- they are so boring that I’ll run faster just to be done sooner.

Tuesday I rested. I had another Newcomer’s Club (I’m making lots of mom friends! Hopefully they don’t shun me when they learn my 2 and 3 years olds are actually cats) meeting at 7:45, and just because the gym is open before work doesn’t mean I’ll actually make it there.

Wednesday I straight killed it with a 3.5 mile run with 2.5 miles at tempo, plus planks and squats and more! I was on fire! And I left feeling soooo energized. That’s been the most notable difference. Running outside is the best, but it would lull me to sleep finishing out my runs in the setting sun. Something about the bright lights and loud music at the gym send me home with enough energy to cook dinner and still accomplish like 3-4 more things. It’s awesome.

Yesterday I came crashing back down. I aimed to run another 3.5, but was plagued with tight stomach muscles from like .25 miles on. I forced myself to get to 2 then quit and rounded out with 20 minutes on the elliptical. I was bummed because I wanted to do more, but it wasn’t in the cards. Oh well. I picked up a six pack of Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale on the way home and had one with dinner which made me feel much better.

Today I was supposed to get up and go to the gym but even a 5am workout would have had me leaving the house too late, so I skipped it in favor of using my early wake up time to blow dry and straighten my hair for the first time all week. It looked awesome for 20 minutes then the 115% humidity did it’s thing, and well, that’s that.

I’ve got a nice long weekend ahead of me. Fun secret plans tonight. Family party (SO MUCH FOOD) tomorrow, and possibly engagement photos on Sunday. Doubtful with this weather, but who knows? I haven’t picked out anything to wear, but I guess I’ll just wing it. #worstbrideever

I took Monday off partly because my bank employed fiancé has off for Columbus Day, and I’d like to spend some time with him and partly to knock out all my annual doctor’s appointments for which I am overdue given my previous lack of health insurance. It’s a party. I’ll tell yeah. I’m hoping to get some new opinions on the #stomachfullofnightmares but am not expecting much other than, “Do you think maybe you could be stressed?” Oh I don’t know, if everything you ate or drank filled your stomach and lower intestines with hot knives, would that stress you out? Maybe.

I’m trying to convince Chris to adopt this old dog a friend of a friend’s grandmother needs to give up. He’s 14 and he’s adorable. I was this close to sealing the deal when the cats embarked on a four day reign of terror, the likes of which have not been seen since their early warring days together. It’s been madness. They’ve been literally scaling the walls with their razor sharp claws. They broke into our bedroom and tore ish up. I suspect they knew about my dog plot and took the opportunity to remind Chris of how superfun pets are. Dog plan foiled. Cats: 258. Kate: 3.

Happy weekend!!


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