Long weekend

What a weekend it was! It was just what I needed, and the weather was the best surprise of all. Rain was predicted all weekend, but we had nothing but blue skies and perfect fall temps.

Friday we went from work to dinner to the Biergarten in Jersey City for a little surprise party action. It was fun. Things got weird (in a good way). But if I’m being totally honest it was exhausting. Taking my turn as designated driver to the suburbs just meant those two beers I had early in the evening made me sleepy rather than energized. Turns out beer gardens are less fun sober. Oh well. I know to plan on staying over so I can party too next time.


Saturday was a near miss for a family
party as I had convinced myself it started at 2 when in fact it started at 1. Luckily, I caught my error in time and we made it out to Staten Island without problems. We were celebrating the engagement of Chris’ cousin Lauren and her fiancé Pete. They are just the most wonderful couple, and I was so glad to be toasting them. The location wasn’t too shabby either.


We got to hang out on a golf course with these breathtaking views. It was a great way to spend a fall afternoon.

We got back late and were still recovering from Friday so we opted for a movie night in. We rented the Bling Ring which was 100 minutes of Hermoine Granger changing outfits. Which is cool if that’s what you’re into.

Sunday was supposed to be the day we took our engagement photos, but we cancelled them because of the forecast. It was 70 and sunny all day. Oops. Anyway, our newfound free time turned into home project time, which is pretty common for us new homeowners. Chris’ dad and brother came up to help out with a landscaping project which had them working like dogs for hours. I have to say, it looks pretty darn good.


Monday was my day of doctor’s appointments which went fairly well. I have very low blood pressure which is funny to me because I am a salt addict. I fasted then got some bloodwork done. I went to the dentist and found out I need another root canal thanks to the softball to the face accident of 2001. Luckily it’s not urgent. The low point of the day was when I broke down crying in my doctor’s office about my stomach issues this year. It’s affected me more than I realize. My doctor was overwhelmed but sympathetic. Unfortunately he has no answers so the search continues.

I think I waited too long to eat and drink some water after my blood draw, and it took it’s toll on me. I spent most of the night feeling dizzy and woozy on the couch. Yuck. By bed time I was on the mend thank goodness.

Chris and I took the couch time as an opportunity to complete our pre-marriage survey provided by the church. It was 180 questions ranging from the thought-provoking (“Do you think the needs of children should come before the needs of the marital relationship?” – we had different thoughts on this one) to the blessedly easy (for us) (“Do you think your partner is wasteful with money?” We both disagreed). We will talk about divergent answers with the Deacon on Thursday, and I’m so glad we took this survey. It was reassuring to see how much we agree on and how much we’ve already discussed major issues. However, it also brought up disagreements we thought were dead and buried and forced us to have some uncomfortable conversations. It was not easy or fun, but it’s better than pretending issues don’t exist.

I’ve got a busy but fun week ahead, and it helps that I’m starting a day late. I’m hoping I can skip right ahead to the good stuff. Until then, it’s back to the grind.


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