Too early

I hate being late. Like it drives me bonkers. I don’t like when other people are late, but I usually understand. I cannot stand being the one not on time. Running parallel to this, I’m a horrible estimator of… everything really. I can never guess the prices of things. I have no idea how many people are ever in a given room, and I have no clue how long things take. Put these two together, and I tend to give myself wayyyyy too much time to get ish done. It sounds like a good trait, but it’s tricky because it usually results in a lot of extra time that could have been spent on more productive efforts.

So anyway, long intro to say that I went to the gym this morning! This is the first time in a long time that I’ve worked out in the morning, and the first time ever that I’ve done so with a gym I need to drive to. I figured that since I usually wake up at 5:45 and leave by 7:10, if I wanted to fit in a 30 minute workout with 20 minutes of driving, I should get up 50 minutes earlier. And while we’re at it, let’s just give ourselves an extra 15 minutes, so I set my alarm for 4:40.

I actually popped out of bed like a daisy. It’s always like that the first time I need to get up earlier. My body gets extra excited and nervous of oversleeping, so I sleep pretty lightly. I figured I’d be in the car by 5.


I was already at the first light here. Turns out there’s no traffic at 5am so my ten minute drive to the gym is actually a five minute drive.

The gym was surprisingly busy. I ran one miserable mile. My stomach was not yet awake and protested furiously. I hopped off and got on the elliptical to round out my thirty minutes.

I went home, ate breakfast, showered, saw I was way ahead of schedule, took the extra time to straighten my hair and actually try on my makeup. Then, I was ready for work! At 6:15. An hour earlier than I needed to be. Oops. I could have gone to work early, but let’s not be crazy. So, I read the whole internet and wrote this. Would I have preferred to sleep? Absolutely. Do I have any idea why it takes me the same amount of time to get ready in the morning whether I go to the gym or not? Nope. No idea. Seriously, where do those 40 minutes go??

Ok, so now I’m tired, and I’ll probably end up buying coffee and a bagel and undoing my stupid 30 minutes of cardio, but hey, bragging rights, right??


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