Cat’s outta the bag!

I alluded to fun weekend plans previously, but didn’t go into detail because they were an ultra secret surprise, but as of Wednesday evening, the cat’s outta the bag, and now I can share!!

This weekend I’m off to the Finger Lakes (pretty little region in NY State) for a weekend of wine fun with the girlies! After Debbie’s fun birthday surprise for Mike (the tour of the Hudson!), he wanted to do something special for her birthday, so he invited us all (me, Meg and Jen- aka the Philly Half ladies) to a rented house on a lake in NY wine country! Woo hoo!!

Judy went earlier this summer with her sister and loved it, so I’m crazy excited. It’s a 5 hour drive, but it’ll be worth it for relaxin’ and wine tastin’ with the girls (and Mike!) !!

It ended up being a longer, rougher week than I had hoped for, so even though I’ll need to do a little work while we’re gone, I’m excited for the change of scene. My bags (all 6 of them… seriously) are packed, the car is gassed, I am (over) caffeinated. Let’s do this thing!


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