And boy are his arms tired

Chris flies home tonight! He’s been in London all week for work. Tough life, I know. In all seriousness, he’s been working like a dog, so he’s looking forward to a return to normalcy, and we’re just looking forward to his return! He comes home today! Hooray! Of course that means this will be the longest work Friday in recorded history, but at least I’ve got something wonderful to look forward to!

We’ve been getting through, but it’s just not the same without Chris around!


They look happy, but those are their distraught faces. Trust me.

Meanwhile, I’ve been living like a frat boy. I looked in the fridge Wednesday and literally all I had in there was beer and condiments. I was appalled, so I bought some wine, and things felt much more balanced.

I’m just so used to our little routine, I forgot how to be a functioning adult by myself. I’m sorry for setting women’s lib back a generation with that statement. It’s actually been a busy week on the work front, so that has kept my mind off it, but also messed with my schedule. Last night, I had a work happy hour to welcome a colleague in town for the week from… LONDON! The irony. I had some wine. Then I went home and Judy picked me up for some fro yo. Then I heated up leftovers. Typically those are supposed to be in a different order, no?

I had a sushi date with Debbie! Then I had more sushi by myself. I’m unstoppable. I’ve been fighting a cold so mostly I’ve just been blowing my nose and sleeping. Too bad Chris missed out on that hotness.

Chris and I had the most ridiculous difficulty figuring out the time difference. He’s been calling me at 3:30 my time shocked I’m still at work, and I woke him up at midnight his time because I forgot it wasn’t early evening there. I’m happy we’ll be on the same clock soon.

We’ve got a low key weekend thankfully. We do have our engagement pictures on Sunday. I had plans to wear a cute lace dress, but considering I saw frost on the ground this morning, I should probably revise unless I want to be my own “something blue.”


That’s my Friday! Here’s hoping it goes more quickly than I think!


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