Oh this weekend!

What a weekend. Felt like it was about a week long. I’m not complaining!

Chris came home from London on Friday bearing 40 pounds worth of chocolate. I’ll let you figure out if that’s lbs or £s. I’ll never tell. As predicted, he was petty tanked from the flying and time change, so we kept things low key and went to bed early.

Saturday morning I got a nice little fall run in and thought I was finally feeling better from my cold, but my lungs were shot for the rest of the day, so I’m thinking I wasn’t quite ready.

Finding ourselves with free time, we embarked on some house projects. Shocking, I know. Chris bought a leaf blower and went to town on the yard. He also took out the air conditioners and did a bunch of other tasks around the house.

I devoted myself entirely to the project that has been on my mind since we moved: the bathroom grout. Oh that grout. I have spent literally hours since we moved in on my hands and knees scrubbing. I used natural alternatives, caustic chemicals, toothbrushes, special grout brushes, “let it soak” and elbow grease methods, and nothing would make that floor look clean! I covet a clean bathroom, so this was absolutely soul sucking. I did a little online research and concluded that my grout was the problem. It was falling apart which made it hard to clean and kept it from ever looking nice. So, off to Home Depot I went.

With their help (they are so nice there) I got all my (minimal) supplies. I came home and watched a tutorial from my girl Martha before setting out.


The first step was to scrape out the old grout with a special hand saw. After 30 minutes of scraping and not making much progress, I realized, those tiles were not grouted at all. They were set in cement. That should be fun to remove down the line. Anyway, that at least explains most of the gross appearance. I scraped off as much as my sore wrists could bear then decided to see if I could just apply the grout over the existing cement.




some before/scraped out pics plus my little grout scraper

I had to mix my own grout because the spaces between my tiles were too small to use premixed (sanded) grout. That was probably the hardest part because that stuff gets pretty gluey pretty quickly.

The application itself was fun and actually went quickly. My only tip having now done it is to scrape off as much excess as possible while applying as that was much easier than buffing it off later.


The project didn’t take long, but it was labor intensive, and I was losing my mind at this point. Unfortunately, there’s no stopping once the grout is down, so I would probably break the room up into smaller sections next time. Anyway, my final steps were to wipe the excess grout off with a damp sponge then buff the floors with a dry rag. This process took more effort than I was expecting, but it was all finally starting to come together. When I saw the final product, I couldn’t believe it.


Maybe it doesn’t capture fully in pictures, but in person, it looks like a new floor. It is cleaner and brighter. The grout filled in a lot of the teeny cracks in broken tiles and made the whole thing look much more uniform. I know Chris will not want to read this, but it’s kinda making the icky green tile grow on me.

I was so frustrated in the middle of this project, but having seen the difference it made, I want to do more! I’m already hatching plans to regrout the wall tiles and re caulk the tub as well as do a better job on the wall paint as the last time I was just eager to be done after peeling wallpaper for hours. Maybe I need to be more realistic about the timing of these projects. And break for lunch.

Speaking of realistic, since we were feeling so inspired by the floor, Chris and I thought of what other little improvements we could do to help us really like this bathroom before we save up the funds to turn it into a bathroom we love. We came up with a great plan that we thought would totally transform the room and should have been a crazy easy fix. All I have to say is how can we possible still be this naive? I’ll save our next project for when it’s actually finished, but let’s just say things did not go as planned. Obviously.

Oh and we took engagement pictures Sunday morning. I wasn’t really into the idea of engagement pictures as I don’t really like forced photos, but our photographer threw them in for free (she’s the best!) so I figured why not? I am soooo glad we did them! It was so much fun! The weather was cold but crisp and sunny, and the park looked absolutely amazing. We had such a good time posing and laughing, and I’m excited to see how they come out.

Lots of the poses were kinda dramatic which is funny because I am so not a serious photo person, but I’m gonna trust the expert here. She posted a teaser last night, and I love how artsy it is. I just think it’s so funny that that’s actually us! We look like super heroes or something.


Too funny.


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