Fall 2013 in a nutshell

Bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger. I have barely mentioned anything that’s taken place this fall. I kept taking pictures and telling myself I’d write a full post soon. Only, now fall is almost over, and I’m super back logged, so I’m gonna condense all the autumnal fun into one picture jamboree.



In early September, we enjoyed the last of the truly wonderful Indian Summer weather with drinks outside at the Beer Garden for Umair’s birthday. Good times.



In October we celebrated cousin Lauren’s engagement to the wonderful Pete at a beautiful golf course on Staten Island.


The next birthday celebration was for Debbie! Before we left for the Finger Lakes, we did a little partying in Jersey City.




I spent the night in Jersey City for a girls’ night slumber party. Not only did I get to have dinner with the ladies, we even got in a pre-work run the next morning. So much fun.








Chris and I took a hike through the beautiful Watchung Reservation soaking in the best of the fall foliage. Turns out there’s an abandoned village with a graveyard in there. Spooky even in the daylight.


We got our engagement pictures taken! Honestly, I didn’t even want to do engagement pictures because I worried they’d be awkward and kinda cheesy, but our photography is a friend (and sweetheart) and offered to do them for free, so we agreed, and I’m so happy! We had a blast goofing around in Liberty State Park and pretending we weren’t freezing in the chilly late October weather. She got some amazing shots, and I absolutely love them!





Last weekend we celebrated our second annual Friendsgiving at Steve and Lindsey’s house. The food was amazing, and we even got a Polish blessing over the meal! We also played Cards Against Humanity which is like the grown-up/drunken version of Apples to Apples. It was hilarious but also totally disgusting haha.

And with that, I think we’re about caught up! This fall has been pretty awesome so far. Things have definitely calmed down from our hectic summer pace, and we’ve enjoyed the relative quietude before the holidays roll in.

I’ve got a couple more house projects I’d like to share, but honestly, I’m only home during daylight hours on the weekends, and I keep forgetting to take pics! Soon!!



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