Weekly workouts anyway

Oh well, my hamstring situation isn’t getting any better, and according to Dr. Google, I can expect not to run for at least a month. The good news is that it isn’t getting any worse. It’s an odd feeling. Mostly, I just notice my hamstring the entire time I’m running. Then, when I finish, it’s stiff and sore whenever I’m climbing stairs or walking on any type of incline. Because my commute involves 4 miles a day of walking, and there isn’t any way around that, I’m not too interested in pushing it and really hurting something. So, for now, running has take a backseat. I should be stretching and foam rolling more, but I never want to. Here’s what I’ve been up to instead :

Monday-Wednesday-45 minutes on the spin bike. I probably shouldn’t be doing any standing climbs, but it doesn’t hurt during or after, so I’m just being careful.


Thursday- Chris and I did our own little turkey trot around town so I could test things out. It had been a week and a half since I last ran, and I was interested to see how I felt. I planned on doing 2 miles but felt good enough to do 3. As I mentioned above, it’s not excruciating pain, and it doesn’t force me to stop, I just feel it the whole time. I was hoping I’d feel good enough to tackle Saturday’s 5 miler, but I just couldn’t justify it based on how sore my leg felt the rest of the day. Luckily, I was able to drown my sorrows in Turkey. And stuffing. So much stuffing.

yes that’s turkey (under the cranberry relish) AND chicken cutlet. we are Italian.

Friday- 60 minutes spinning with a video I found on YouTube and then some arm and shoulder weights. It felt good to pump some iron (5lb weights like a boss). I wrapped it up with some foam rolling.

Saturday & Sunday- rest with a healthy side of race support. Chris ran the 5 miler that I skipped, and he did so well. And since it’s a local race, nobody gave me the stink eye for enjoying the steaming hot soup served post race. Hey, supporters need delicious warmth too!



So that was my week. I’m not running, and it kind of sucks, but it is what it is. It could be worse. It could have come at a worse time. I, trying to keep myself busy and do the things that will get me back on the road (treadmill) sooner. Really, that’s all I can do.


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