Christmas 2013

I am kicking myself for failing to take even one picture of Christmas 2013. I think that means I was having too much fun.

It really was a ton of fun! I was able to work from home on Christmas Eve, and avoiding the commute definitely put me in a good mood. Things have been so busy at work, so I still ended up putting in a full day, but it was nice to do so in my pjs.

My mom and sisters came over that evening bearing so much food! My mom made an awesome pasta dish, and we munched on appetizers in front of the fire while we exchanged gifts. It was pretty great.

Once they left, Chris and I decided to rally and head to Midnight Mass. We drank some Christmas coffee and bundled up. I’m so glad we went because the service was absolutely beautiful and definitely put me in the Christmas spirit even if I didn’t get home until 2!

I slept in until 9:30 the next morning! It was glorious! Once I finally woke up I made us pancakes while we exchanged gifts with each other. Chris got me the world’s softest blanket (which I am obsessed with), and I got is tickets to see Bill Burr next month!

After lounging around all morning, we headed to Chris’ parents for Christmas dinner! We opened a few more presents before eating a huge Italian feast. Everything was so good!

We headed back up exhausted and full, and unfortunately I had to head to bed early since it was back to work for me on the 26th! Still, Christmas 2013 was so perfect. What a great way to spend our first Christmas in the house together!



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