NYE 2014 and hilariousness

Happy New Year! Is it officially too late to be saying that? Whatever. We kicked 2014 off with a bang by hosting NYE at our house. We got a ton of food and drinks and had some of our friends over for a little countdown action. It was a blast, but I was feeling it the next day. Oof. I slept until 10:30 which has not happened since before I learned to drive, but, in my defense, we didn’t go to be until 3:30 which meant NYE was a 21 hour day for me.

Anyway, I was hungover and exhausted, and it was Chris’ last day of vacation, so we basically just ate and watched TV all day. There was a Happy Endings marathon on VH1 that was my jam.

The new year has been off to a nice start. Work has quieted down slightly, and I’ve been good about eating fairly decently and trying new workouts. No resolutions for this girl this year. I really want to use the year to be present and start figuring out how I want the rest of my life to look. I want to fully absorb all the wedding goodness (and madness) and do things that make me happy. I want to embrace change and take chances and have fun. That’s all.

As far as having fun goes, we definitely did that this weekend. When Travis and Laura got engaged, we got them tickets to see Jim Gaffigan in Red Bank. Obviously, we had to get a pair for ourselves too. This weekend was the show, and it was HILARIOUS. I’ve seen every JG standup special, and this was funnier. He did some old favorites(hot pockets) but 90% was new material. I laughed so hard my face hurt.


Unfortunately, we spent the rest of the weekend cooped up inside. We got a lot of icy rain on Sunday. We drove all the way to New Brunswick for church before skidding out into a snow bank. I was a little shaken up and worried that the local roads would only get worse while we were there, so we got back in the car and headed home for a local service.

There was a lot I wanted to get done, but after almost eating it on the pavement several times, we decided to just stay out.

Chris and I were going a tad stir crazy (Friday had been a work from home day because of the weather) so I came up with a little circuit workout for us to do in the basement. We ended up having a really good time. It warmed the chill from our bones and made us a little less restless. Here’s what we did:
* 5 min warmup on the spin bike (we took turns)
3 sets of:
* 10-15 squats
* 30-45 sec plank
* 10-15 upright row
* 10-15 tricep kickbacks
* 5 min on spin bike alternating 30 sec hard effort, 30 sec recovery

It was a butt kicker, and we were both so sore for the next couple of days. We had a really good time though. We haven’t worked out together in a while since I haven’t run in almost a month, so it was nice to find an alternative.

Now, it’s time to adjust back to real life after the holidays. We took down the tree on Sunday, and our house is so sad and sparse. I swear I can hear an echo. We’re in the midst of some very cold weather now too, so things are feeling a little dreary. Still, the days are getting longer, and every day is one day closer to spring!


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