Bowled over

Yuck. Sorry for that title, but really how do you preface bowling?

This weekend was practically perfect save for a lack of sleep. I met up with some girlfriends for drinks on Friday night. The best part (other than the company obviously!) was that I didn’t even have to leave town! One lives in the neighboring town and the other is a native Cranfordian. Considering we met in college, I sorta love that we ended up living just blocks away from each other. Way to be, Union County!

It turns out that wine and 1/3 of a plate of nachos do not make for lasting energy, and my own raging hunger woke me up at 7:30. This is why I will never understand people who can skip meals. After feeding my face, Chris and I headed to Freehold to meet up with a potential florist. We loved all the guys there and are almost positive they’re the ones. We’re visiting another company next weekend just to compare. I never thought I’d be this excited about flowers, but I really am.

We spent the rest of our rainy (but much warmer!) Saturday shopping for some house stuff. Taking down that Christmas tree made everything feel so empty that we decided to bite the bullet and just pick up a few pieces for our dining room. I mean the table and chairs were free, so we felt ok showing the room a little love. I’ve been covering a rug for that room for months, but was really hoping to find a 7×9 for around $100. After scouring the Internet, a million home stores and a thrift store, I realized that was a bit unrealistic and went for the most affordable option I could find.


cat toy squirrel is old; rug and potted trees are new

I’m already in love.

Back story: Around the end of November, Chris and I jointly came up with 5 date night ideas then individually wrote out 5 more each. We threw them all in a jar and now we take turns picking at random when we have some free time. I’ll admit that I thought this idea would be a little silly or might not gain traction, but it has been SO FUN! We’ve done four so far, and I’ll probably link to all the dates once we’ve exhausted our pile!

Our fourth date was bowling! It was Chris’ idea, and I loved it! We grabbed some delicious burgers beforehand since I had literally dreamt about burgers two nights last week.


just look at that greasy deliciousness

Our first bowling alley was a total bust as they didn’t open to the public (ie not a private party) until 11:15. Sorry but I’m too old to be starting my night at 11. Luckily, the next option was still pretty close and ended up being a really fun place with lasers! And beer!





Don’t let those stellar scores fool ya. That was by far the best game I played. I am the world’s most inconsistent bowler. After rolling two strikes at the end if game one, I went out to get 6 (!!) gutter-balls in a row! That’s three straight turns with no pins down. I scored a 33 for the game. I wish I could say I took it in stride, but I don’t like sucking at things, so after failing to break 50 twice, I was sort of over bowling.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great night and an awesome date idea, but I think next time might involve more beers and less games.


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