Wedding Wednesday: The Church

Hi there. Things are still going really smoothly with the wedding planning. I feel very fortunate to have made it this far without any breakdowns or major disappointments. Chris and I couldn’t justify the expense our “first choice venue,” but that ended up being a blessing in disguise since we ended up deciding on a church marriage, which has made this whole experience so much more meaningful for us. Otherwise, we’ve been very blessed. I mean we managed our expectations going in, but still, we’ve gotten everything we wanted so far and for that I am very grateful.

Still, there were bound to be some let downs, and I think we may have hit our first one. On Sunday we found out that our church needs a new boiler, and that boiler has to be installed in the summer when it’s not in use. Because it’s an old church, getting to the pipes and things is not an easy task and will require some major construction including ripping up the floorboards. There’s no timeline for construction yet, but one of the priests we’ve been working with let us know that it’s possible the church could be under construction on our wedding day.

That leaves us with two options. If the construction is relatively unobtrusive, we could get married around it. Otherwise, they’ve spoken with a parish across town that will have us. The news was a bit of a blow. It was exacerbated by the fact that you can’t exactly stomp your feet and whine about a church needing a new boiler without looking like Ebenezer Scrooge. I mean, really. Once I got over the initial shock, I actually felt much better than expected. I googled the church, and it’s very similar in style to ours and not at all far from the venue. We’ll still be married by the same deacon, the same guests will be there, and I’m still marrying the same guy!

I’m only a little disappointed because I’ve really grown to love this church. We’ve been making the hour long trek every Sunday since November, and I’ve been picturing myself walking down the aisle. In fact, other than our first dance, it’s the only thing I picture when I think about the wedding. Still, the church is just a building, a beautiful, sacred building but a building none the less. Our family and friends and God will be with us that day regardless of which church we’re at, and that’s actually given me a lot of comfort.

The logistics will be a little messy. We’re holding off on printing invites in case more concrete information becomes available, but if a last minute change happens, we’ll likely have to spread the news by word of mouth. Also, we’re hoping no one else books the same day as us in the other church because I’m not sure what would happen then. I have a feeling it will all be ok. Better than ok, great! As far as setbacks go, I’m ok with this one… At least for now. Maybe check back with me in a few months. Uh oh.


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