Ice Skating both intentionally and not

This week’s theme is wacky weather. Sunday was 55* and beautiful. I walked around in leggings and a sweatshirt and last night we got 15 inches of snow. Let’s back up a beat first.

Chris and I pulled another date from the date jar Friday and landed on one of my suggestions, ice skating! Chris told me he actually put ice skating in the jar too, but it was so fun, I wouldn’t mind a repeat.

The whole thing was really fun and easy. We drove to a place less than 15 minutes from our house, rented some skates and took our chances out on the ice.

The date was actually pretty cheap too. $12 a person for as long as we wanted on the ice, and that price also included skates. That’s less than a movie ticket, forget about popcorn! That’s been the most surprising thing for me about most of these dates. The activities we’ve done are all things I’ve considered in the past but didn’t think we’re worth the cost. Turns out they’re both fun and cheaper than our standard dinner and a movie.

We ended up skating for about an hour, and it was less terrifying than I was expected. I skated a fair amount as a kid, so I guess my muscle memory kicked in. Chris, on the other hand, had only been on the ice one other time, but he was awesome! I was seriously impressed.

We spent Saturday doing basically nothing which was glorious. Sunday I headed to church then off to lunch with my mom and somehow didn’t get home until 4:30. I guess the day got away from me.

I went to bed on Sunday night with a Monday forecast of 1-3 inches of snow. I figured it would be a pretty crappy commute. Well, I woke up on Monday at 5:30 with an inch of snow already on the ground and no signs of slowing. The forecast had been revised to 5-8 inches, and I debated for about an hour before deciding to work from home. I always feel so guilty not going into the office, but with so much walking and the train system so susceptible to winter shut downs, I was afraid I’d have to sleep in the office! Turns out I made the right call because we ended up with about 15 inches!


This are from my walk in this morning which was much better but still a slippery mess. We shoveled for hours and still had to recruit a neighbor with a snow blower to help us out. It was madness. Luckily, the skies cleared today, and it actually ended up being a beautiful day. Unfortunately, another 6 inches are forecasted for tonight. Maybe I can just skate to work?


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