The Lion King

Such a fun weekend that it took me three days to post! The fun actually started on Wednesday with a work from home day for the two of us. Chris got some wonderful work news, so we had a little snowed in celebration.

Once we were able to leave the house again, the celebrations just continued. We ventured to Edwards, a Jersey City steakhouse, on Thursday. It was so good! The atmosphere was cool and sleek, and the food was pretty great.

Friday night Deb and Mike wanted to keep the party going so we all went out to ATH in Cranford for some excellent local eats.

Saturday Chris and I met up with his parents and brother in the city to see The Lion King on Broadway. Chris’ brother Rob got us all tickets for Christmas, and it was a nice February surprise.

The play was amazing! The artistry and talent of all the performers was breath taking. We really loved it. After the show, we headed to the UES for dinner at a little Italian wine bar near Rob’s apartment.

On Sunday we decided to keep the eating train rolling, so Chris got to work on his mom’s “Sunday Sauce” while I tried my hand at some homemade bread and pasta. The bread was from a kit, so it was crazy easy. The pasta wasn’t bad at all either. I definitely didn’t roll it out thin enough, so the noodles were kind of huge, but practice makes perfect I guess.


The sauce was excellent! The marinara touch must run in the family!!

It was a great (and filling) weekend which was a nice break in between massive snow storms and other winter dreariness.


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