Warm weekend and one year

It is amazing how much the weather can effect your mood. As evidenced by my last post, this winter has put us all in a dark place. Luckily, just as everyone was rapidly approaching their Shining-sequel breaking points, we were treated to a weekend of 55* weather!! It was glorious. I took no pictures because everything is still covered in gross, dirty snow, but it was lovely, trust me.

Chris and I spent a rainy Friday night indoors with Deb and Mike eating pizza and pestering a new pair of cats. It was so fun. Going out is nice, but staying in is nicer these days.

Saturday we had an appointment with the vet which got off to a rocky start when 15 minutes before our appointment, I realized we were short a cat carrier. After Moshi escaped his carrier 3 times in the car on the drive to the new house, I threw the thing out in a fit of rage convinced it would force me into buying a new one. Only I totally forgot, and Chris had to drive to the closest store and buy the only carrier they stocked, which is, of course, a crappier version of the one we threw out.

The appointment was tough because I feel so guilty stuffing the cats into their carriers. Miles hates it and freaks out and ended up ripping up two toenails which left him with bloody feet. Heartbreaking. The vet was as confused as I was as to why a rescue group would require indoor cats to receive booster shots, but he gave them some anyway, and we all headed home only slightly worse for the wear.

With two very drowsy cats intent on sleeping the day away, we shirked all our responsibilities again and just walked. We meant to run but everyone in Cranford was out enjoying that strange yellow orb in the sky (the likes of which we haven’t seen since November). Between the snow piles and puddles, everyone had to pass single file, and running was out of the question. So we walked. We walked all over the park and into town for some lunch. It was so nice.

We’ve been having some doubts as to whether buying our house was the right choice, and being stuck inside said house certainly does not help, so a day outside in a town which we do truly enjoy was a little boost. We’ve been having some serious conversations about the house. It was scary at first to admit all our doubts to each other, but if feels so good to be back on the same page after spending weeks putting on a brave face for each other. We have some decisions to make, but we’re gonna try and take our time this go around.

Saturday night was more fun times with Steve and Lindsey and so much delicious Mexican food! It was great to just get out and have fun this weekend.

Sunday morning I had Laura’s bridal shower in Pennsylvania. Steph was kind enough to keep my company on the 1.5 hour drive. The shower was beautiful, but a slideshow from days of yore treated me to some pictures (and videos) from Chris Pre-K (pre-Kate that is) days which was pretty hard for me to stomach. Let’s just say that Facebook stalking your beloved’s ex is a very different animal from being treated to a live action depiction of their happiest moments. But I didn’t throw up or cry (until I got home), so we’ll call it a toss.

We finally cashed in my Christmas present to Chris by going to see Bill Burr at NJPAC. It was not what I was expecting (probably I wasn’t in a laughing mood after that morning), but he was good for some laughs, and Chris really enjoyed it.

We came home exhausted with none of our typical weekend chores completed, but that’s the sign of a great weekend, right?

Today is our “Engagement Anniversary” meaning he asked and I said yes a year ago today! It’s not easy to stomach 26* weather when I’m dreaming of a candlelit dinner on a beautiful Jamaican beach, but there’s nowhere I’d rather be right now. I remember when we picked a wedding date, and I thought 17 months seemed like forever to be engaged, but this last year has flown! It’s been fun and exhausting and wonderful. We’ve challenged ourselves and our relationship and it’s been so difficult and so strengthening. I really feel closer to Chris than ever, and there’s nothing we couldn’t face together. We’ve become more honest, more connected, more independent and yet also more reliant on each other’s love and support. It took some tough talks and big fights to get here, but it was all worth it. I’m so ready to marry the love of my life.


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