Ten Friday Things

Well we’re back down to a “real feel” of -1 today. Honestly though, who can tell the difference between 10 and -1? Once it drops below 20, it’s just very cold. I keep trying to tell myself, “well, imagine if you lived in Minnesota” but Minnesotans drive to work. They don’t wait an extra ten minutes on a platform for a delayed train. Ugh.

1. Everyone has reached their breaking points. See above. Seriously, it’s almost (but not really) comical to watch everyone around me just absolutely lose it over this weather. And we’ve got another snow storm on the way Monday.

2. We had an absolutely terrible experience with the first dog rescue group we tried to work with. They were so awful and basically told us they decided when we first applied that they weren’t going to allow us to adopt.

Unfortunately, they still dragged us along in the process for another 2 weeks. It was heartbreaking and probably a scam from the beginning. Everyone tried to warn me about how fishy the whole thing seemed, but what can I say? I was stupidly optimistic.

Anyway, we got burned bad and the whole ordeal ended with a cease and desist letter. It was a mess. I googled them afterwards and found some really disturbing information, so I’m glad the whole thing fell apart, but it still sucks. If you’re trying to rescue a dog in NJ, email me, and I’ll tell you who to avoid for sure.

3. It’s probably fair for them to deny us. I mean, just look at the horrendous conditions our two rescues are forced to endure.


4. Enough sad thoughts. Let’s focus on the positives. March is going to be a good month! I’ve got an appointment with the doctor who may be able to solve my stomach problems, and I finally made an appointment to get my wonky leg looked at. Running, I’m coming for you!

5. March also means our annual trip to Florida! Wahoo!!

6. We got confirmation from the Deacon who’s marrying us that the church will be in working order on our wedding date! I’m not totally convinced because it wasn’t him who warned us of the construction in the first place, so I’m not sure how in the loop he is, but it’s a good omen!

7. My boss offered to take us out for happy hour tonight, and he scheduled it at 4! I love me a happy hour after work, but it’s even better when I can go for a free drink and still make it home and into PJs by 7. Wild Friday night fo sho.

8. Chris left his wallet at home today which means I get to see him for an extra minute when I drop it off on my way to the office this morning. Woo hoo!

9. One of my coworkers told me that she’s never registered to vote!! What?!? She’s been legally able to for a decade! That prompted two other coworkers to confess that they’ve only voted once!! I mean I knew voter turnout was getting low, but I’ve never actually met anyone forsaking their civic duty before! Get out the vote people!

10. Today is Starbucks latte and bagel with a side of NY Times x-word day. Best day of the week!!

Happy Friday fools!


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