What’s up Wednesday

So what is up? Well, wedding stuff mostly. Last week we went to the church after work and, along with 5 other couples getting married this spring/summer, decided on our musical selections for the ceremony. It was actually a really cool night. The choir director explained to us how the ceremony or mass would be structured then played us a few different options for each musical selection. For the processional/recessional, we actually got to head up to the choir box while he played the selections on the organ. I gotta say, sitting there overlooking the aisle and alter while he played Canon in D was pretty awesome. I could totally picture myself walking down the aisle to meet Chris, and I got goosebumps!

This week we met with the Deacon who will be marrying us to formally declare our intent to marry. Basically, we had to separately answer a series of questions with the Deacon to make sure neither of us was being coerced into the marriage and that we were both prepared for the commitment. It sounds pretty dry, but some of the questions were very sweet, and it’s just one more step towards this becoming very real.

Outside of church stuff, our invitations arrived, so we’ll be picking those up this weekend. We’re meeting with the photographer next week, and my hair and makeup trials are confirmed for June! Originally they would have been this weekend, but my bridal shower is June 1, so I figured I might as well get some use out of cute hair and makeup. I ordered what I hope will be THE shoes along with a matching clutch. I might attempt my first (only?) DIY with these shoes. More on that to follow.

Otherwise, life continues to speed up as we approach the summer. Chris was out of town for Travis’s bachelor party last weekend. Luckily, my girls (Debbie, my mom, Molly and Layla of course) kept me company. My birthday is right around the corner, and we’ve got a fun night in AC planned!

Looking ahead, our three year anniversary is at the end of this month, Chris’s birthday is less than a month away and then wedding season officially begins. We’ve got our first wedding Memorial Day weekend. Both our bachelor/ette parties are in June. July is our wedding of course. August should be a nice repreive, but weddings pick back up in September. It seems stressful, but it’s nice to have so much to look forward to.

I’ve been running a little more. I actually got out there twice (a 3 miler and a 4 miler) last week! After the second run, my hamstring did start to nag me, but I think I ran a little too fast because it was rainy and cold, and I just wanted to be done. I’m not training for anything, but I would like to run the Newport 10k in May, so I’d like to get a solid 6 miler in before then. I haven’t lost as much fitness as I expected, and I credit that to luck and consistent use of the spin bike.

Taking a break from running also gave me some more time to focus on strength training, and I think I can notice a small difference in how quickly my leg muscles fatigue. Going forward, I’m really going to make an effort to balance my workouts. I’ve actually grown to love the weights, and I don’t think running all the time is something that works for my body. I seem to wear my muscles out pretty easily when I’m running consistently, and that leaves me unable to do much of anything. As much as I miss running often, I’d rather it take a back seat then spend so much time laid up.

My stomach has been sooooo much better. In addition to following the witch doctor’s suggestions, I’ve been making an effort to go “grain-free” or “paleo” as much as possible. I’m not sure which is making the difference or if it’s the combination of both, but I honestly feel like a new person. I miss pasta and sugar and WINE a lot too though. I don’t love restricted diets, and I think I have a tendency to take them too far. Further, I suck at paleo eating because I don’t eat pork or lamb, and steak is too expensive for my budget, so chicken gets old real quick. I’m hoping to introduce some foods back in a controlled way in the coming weeks in order to determine what exactly was causing so much stomach discomfort.

This weekend we’re hoping to get some lingering house projects (the basement, painting upstairs) out of the way while also enjoying (potential) warmer temperatures. Spring has (finally) sprung.


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