I’m 27 now!

So, a few weeks ago I turned 27, and my 27th year has already been so busy that I’ve haven’t been able to update forever. Regardless, I’m another year older and none the wiser. Or something like that. It was a pretty great birthday. Maybe the best I’ve had since the big 2-1. Since my birthday was a Tuesday, day-of celebrations were pretty tame, but still wonderful. Chris made me breakfast (extra impressive since it was 5:30 in the morning!), and the eat-razaganza continued for the rest of the day.


My coworkers surprised me with mini cupcakes by setting up a fake meeting which I totally fell for (and actually panicked a bit about since  I wasn’t prepared #typeAproblems). Later, Chris took me out for Thai at the best Thai place in the county. Seriously, this place is legit. It’s in an old-school air-stream trailer, and the food is delicious. The only participant of the day who didn’t cooperate was the weather. It went from 70 and sunny to freezing rain throughout the day. It was pretty gross. Otherwise, I felt super loved and happy. My mom dropped off beautiful tulips (which the frost and my black thumb have already killed) and delicious cupcakes. I was also treated to about 20 cards. I love giving and getting cards, so this was a big deal!!



27 definitely started with a bang and kept getting better. The following weekend, we went to Atlantic City to spend the night at Harrah’s with Debbie and Mike. Cameron and Rich (who live in South Jersey now!) met us for dinner at El Camino. The food was great, but the drinks were really excellent. I had a strawberry margarita with prosecco in it, and it was a real challenge not to gulp the whole thing down. After dinner, we all hit the casino floor for a little gambling, and everyone came out on top! I couldn’t believe it! I played a few hands of blackjack and doubled my money, and Chris hit a number in roulette! Casinos are definitely more fun when you’re winning.





We wrapped up the weekend with Saturday morning brunch followed by our church’s Easter Vigil. It started after sundown and lasted longer than 3 hours which sounds awful but was actually beautiful. I can’t really describe it, but the combination of music, readings and celebration were so uplifting. Luckily, our church is in a college town, so when we came out starving after midnight, we were able to grab some great BBQ for dinner.


The next morning was Easter which we hosted. Chris’ mom, dad, brother and uncle joined us along with my mom and sister. Chris’ mom brought their dog, and the two girls (plus the two cats) got along great! We had the food catered by a local company which was absolutely the right choice. We picked everything up the day before, so all I had to do the day off was re-heat. I got to spend so much more time with everyone than if I had been cooking, and the food was awesome.


We ended the weekend happy and exhausted which is usually the sign of a great birthday!


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