Our first real outing!

This past weekend, we took Layla to South Mountain Reservation which has a few trails as well as an awesome dog park. I was a little nervous about how she’d react because she’s still pretty timid in the house, and she hated the car trip out there. Once we got to the trails though, she was a different dog! She was so excited to be out and about in the fresh air and sunshine. It was really sweet.







After our hike, I felt like she was up for the dog park. She’s skittish around people, but she seems to really love other dogs. I was still on the nervous side though. Obviously, this dog has a dark history, and I was worried being around so many dogs and owners would freak her out. Of course,  I was totally wrong. She had a blast at the dog park. She ran around and played. It was really sweet when she would come back to us almost as if to “check-in” and then take off running again. She came home and after a much needed bath, slept for hours.

Rescuing Layla has been a challenge in a different way than I expected. Honestly, we go so lucky. She’s kind and calm and incredibly well behaved. She loves us, and shows it. However, she does have moments where something we do, (me- talking too loudly, Chris- playing guitar) sets her off into a panic. She’ll shake pretty hard and nothing we do can make her feel better. A lot of the time, it feels like we’re doing everything wrong. This weekend we finally felt like we did something to make her happy, and that made us very happy.


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