Happenings lately

So it was my attention to post more than once a month, but things have been predictably busy as we get closer to the one month mark for the wedding. Let’s see what’s been going on lately via pictures…





Chris and I spent the night in Red Bank to celebrate his 29th birthday (a tough one to celebrate because of course you want it to be big, but you gotta manage expectations for the next year :)). We saw Jim Bruer live at the Count Basie Theater, and he was hilarious! I had to put my head down and tune him out at one point because I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. We spent the night at the Molly Pitcher Inn which was so fun. I felt a little silly staying in a hotel less than an hour from our house, but it felt like a real vacation. Totally worth it. The next morning we had the best diner breakfast ever. One of my favorite things about NJ are our diners, and this one was awesome!

The next day I took both my moms and my littlest sister to my first dress fitting! I can’t believe that I bought it more than a year ago. Time has absolutely flown by this year. I was nervous I would have “dress regret” simply because it had been so long. Luckily, it was even better than I remembered, and just putting it on made me soooooo excited.






Next weekend (Memorial Day if you’re paying attention) we partied with some our favorite people to celebrate Travis and Laura’s wedding. Theirs was the last wedding on our calendar before our own, so watching them tie the knot took on special significance for me and definitely made our wedding feel super close! The whole night was so wonderful. The ceremony was beautiful, the food was delicious, the dancing was insanely fun, and we ended the night with a candy buffet!




I spent the rest of the weekend celebrating the holiday with friends, family and my favorite four legged girl. It was a great mix of busy and relaxing.






The next weekend was my small bridal shower. Since we had the engagement party, we kept it to just family and bridesmaids, but it was still such a beautiful day. My mom accompanied me to my hair and makeup trials in the morning, and if was so nervous about them. Both artists were new to me, and I was terrified it wouldn’t be a good match. I’ve never had my hair or makeup professionally done before (my mom cut my hair until I was 16), but I was seriously blown away! It was totally natural. I looked just like me only so much better. Haha! It was fun to be able to picture how I’ll look on the big day and more fun to share with my family and friends. My bridesmaids sent me those beautiful flowers, and my mom supplied all the cute decorations. Everyone helped set up the house while we were out, and I felt so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.




Last week was busy but fun. Wednesday night was the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (a 3.3 mile race through Central Park which people run with their companies). It was the third time I’ve run this race, and it was just as fun as ever. It’s such a hilly race, and everyone is so speedy, so it’s kind of a challenging race, but it’s fun to get to know some new coworkers in a different way. I met some great people, and had a great time. It was totally worth getting home after 9:45 on a weeknight! The next day was probably the best work day ever since we left at 12:30 and headed for a little team bonding at Yankee stadium! I love watching baseball live and always say I should go more. Of course I haven’t been since 2011, so it was fun to get out there. We were all so nervous because it was POURING in the morning, but the afternoon turned out to be completely beautiful. It was really a great afternoon.









This past weekend (finally caught up!) was very exciting too. Chris and I went on a real date to see X-Men at one of those dine in theaters. It was such a blast! I didn’t think I’d enjoy it that much, but I’m already ready to go back. In fact, I doubt I’d see a movie in a regular theater now. It was that fun! Saturday I took my gal to the dog park while poor Chris worked his 11th straight day. Work is insane for him right now, and we’re all looking forward to July when things lighten up. Layla had a wonderful time like always at the dog park. It’s great for everyone because she comes home completely exhausted and sleeps all day!

Saturday we took Chris’ parents to New Brunswick (my mom was sick :() to see our church and venue! We tasted so much food and made our dinner, wine and cake (!!) selections. Our coordinator at the hotel is so great and asked me a million questions (of which I knew the answer to 5) to help me flesh out the big day. It gave me a lot of direction (as well as a long to do list) for what the last few weeks should look like in order to be ready for the big day. I’ve got some work to do, but I’m ready for it!

Sunday was Steph’s bridal shower at a cute tea house in Morristown. I’d never had a real tea before, and it was really fun. Her family and friends did a great job keeping the day entertaining, and I got to catch up with the bride to be as well as newly wedded Laura! It’s been both insanely busy and incredibly wonderful to have so many friends getting married this year too. Having these women to turn to for advice or just to listen to each other vent has been such a huge help.

So hopefully you’ll hear from me a few more times before the wedding! Until then, I’ll be a busy bee!


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