Just wanted to pop in with a quick story from my weekend. I woke up early and went for a run Sunday before church. Legit have not done that this year, but it was pretty perfect, so I’m already planning the next one. Anyway, I was plodding along through the park when I spotted this girl about a quarter of a mile ahead in a bright orange shirt.

Just like that, she was my rabbit. She had come off of a longer trail, so I don’t doubt she was running much farther than I was, but still I set my sights on her and decided to make it my goal to pass her. I had to really work to close the gap, but I did. I was all proud of myself for being such a speed demon (hah!) and passing this chick. I kicked it into high gear for my big moment so that I could put some distance between us to avoid her passing me. I was really going and just as I passed her and started to get that prideful grin, this guy flies by me. Just blows me right out of the water.

And then I thought, life really is all about perspective. Even when you’re passing someone, someone else is passing you. And you wouldn’t even know it. It’s a nice reminder that I should strive to be better than I was a year, a week, a day ago than to be better than everyone else.

So, there’s that. Happy Tuesday!


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