Bachelorette Weekend!

This past weekend was my bachelorette party, and I had so much fun!! My sweet bridesmaids put so much work into crafting the perfect weekend, and they kept me in the dark about the whole thing! I’m a very hard person to surprise (because I’m a control freak who needs to know the details of everything!), but they pulled it off!

It started Friday afternoon once I got home from work. I walked into my house only it was full of food and drinks and beautiful flowers!



My sister was already there since she’s flown up on Tuesday, so we started getting ready to go out. Soon, the ladies started showing up, and every one was such a surprise since I didn’t even know who would be coming. Once all the girls were over, we headed to the first event which was dinner at Cervantes in Cranford. We had a million tapas and a few pitchers of sangria. Our waiter was having a lot of fun with us too, and the atmosphere was just perfect!






After dinner, Judy’s sweet dad picked us up and drove us back to my house where we played games, ate cupcakes made by Judy’s mom and chatted all night.



The next morning, we headed to Watchung Reservation for a little hike to start the day. Layla certainly appreciated being included. She is one of the girls!

After our hike, my mom brought us all lunch from Panera. We ate and took turns showering before heading to town to get manicures and pedicures! The girls made me wear my tiara and sash, but I think it sorta confused the nail techs. Still, we had fun talking about weddings (with Laura’s wedding just passed and Steph’s and Ashley’s coming up in the fall, it was a pretty popular topic!) and everything else and getting excited for our big night out!

I still had no idea where we were going, but the girls encouraged me to get as fancy as I wanted, so I went all out. How often do you get to wear a white cocktail dress?

When the limo picked us up at 5, I was definitely ready to find out where we were headed. The girls were insistent on keeping me in the dark until the last possible second! All I knew we that we were going to Chelsea. My guess was Dos Caminos, but I was wrong.


When we finally pulled up to the restaurant, and I saw the sign for Buddakan, I was so excited! I had never been before, but I had definitely heard of it, and it was such a fun surprise! Jen met us in the city which was another great surprise. Dinner was fantastic, but it was really the cocktails that stole the show. I got to try 2 of them, and they were delicious.



The restaurant was so cool and swanky inside, and we even ran into another bachelorette party from the Midwest. They were so sweet, and we congratulated each other on our upcoming weddings!

After dinner we hit a few different bars on our walk uptown to Penn Station. We had discussed a few different options for getting home (our limo driver was a jerk, and we were not interested in using him for the ride home) but ultimately decided the train would be the most fun (and cheapest!) option. I loved our little tipsy trek uptown. We got to try a few different places, and it was a beautiful night to be walking around the city.


Once we got to the train, the exhaustion hit us all. It had been such a long day. One of Judy’s friends picked us up from the station in his Hummer. He was super excited to be driving 5 ladies around, and we had fun in the Hummer! We snacked some more and watched a little Bring It On when we got home before finally collapsing.

Everyone headed out he next morning, and I did a quick clean up before napping away the morning. Chris got home not long after everyone left. He’d been out at his bachelor party at a cabin in the Poconos. The highlight of his weekend was a day at the shooting range. We had fun comparing notes, took the dog for a walk and generally recovered from our fun weekends.

I actually surprised myself with how much fun I had. I was definitely excited about this weekend since we got engaged, but the girls really blew me away. Judy planned every detail perfectly and took care of everything behind the scenes which made what I’m sure was a very tricky weekend look effortless. Her family basically sponsored our whole weekend between driving us around and providing 90% of the food. My sister flew all the way from North Carolina only 3 weeks before the wedding to celebrate with all my friends. My mom even joined in on the fun! Everyone who came was so down for anything and kept the mood upbeat and fun all weekend. Some of the girls were only meeting each other for the second time, but everyone seemed like they were really having a great time which made the experience so much better for me. I always love it when my friends are friends.

Oh and Anastasia unfortunately had a difficult conflict come up and had to miss the weekend, but I know she put a lot of effort into planning, and I could tell which little details were her idea. It was sad to celebrate without her, but luckily I get to do it all again in three weeks!

I’ve had kind of a stressful two months on the friend front with way more drama than I’ve had in my life (and that’s saying a lot since I was in a sorority). It’s all been so silly and distracting from what should be a fun time. This weekend was a great reset. The girls who came out and celebrated really are just the best friends I could ask for. It was an important reminder to put my energy towards the people who matter and ignore all the other noise.

So, I woke up today exhausted and happy and completely grateful that I know such an amazing group of women. Every time I look down at my hot pink toes this week, I’ll smile about this awesome weekend!


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