Wedding Week!

It’s finally here, and I feel wonderful. I really do. Don’t get me wrong, the stress is still there. How could it not be with the biggest event of my life to date looming right around the corner? But mostly I’m just so excited and so ready. I went to sleep last night thinking, “If I wake up, and it’s Friday, I’m totally ok with that.” I feel like that’s a good place to be.

Part of this readiness comes from a very productive weekend. I needed to take Thursday off so we could apply for our marriage license (!!!), and a four day weekend was the perfect amount of time to finish up any big projects at a pretty leisurely pace. When I wasn’t working on stuffing welcome bags or writing out place cards, I was doing absolutely nothing. Seriously. I watched more TV this weekend than I have all year, and it was glorious. I forced myself to just lounge around relaxing as a self imposed calm before the storm.

I keep trying to think of things to compare this experience too, but I have honestly never been this excited in my life. It’s just layer upon layer of excitement. Like, first I get excited about marrying Chris then I remember I’m seeing my whole family including my wonderful grandparents this weekend. Then I remember that I’m having this huge party with an open bar and cake and all my friends. Then I realize I get to wear the dress I’ve literally dreamed about all year and the beautiful ring I picked out. Then I remember how we’re going to ROME! It’s just insane amounts of excitement.

I’m at work through Wednesday, and I wondered how I would feel about that, but I’m glad. It gives me a chance to finish up some lingering projects and leave for the honeymoon with no worries, and the normalcy is nice. The weekend was perfect, but the days almost passed too slowly! Work is making time go by at something closer to normal speed which is nice.

I’ve made a pact with myself that I’ll do all I can through Thursday, but when I wake up Friday morning, I’m letting go. Whatever doesn’t get done won’t get done and whatever falls apart will fall apart, but I am planning on just soaking it in and enjoying every minute. I can officially count the days on one hand, and I’m just so ready to tie that knot!


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