The Rehearsal

So, yeah, we got married, and it was really, the best day yet. I’m torn between rehashing every little detail and just saying it was perfect, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Hopefully, I’ll wind up somewhere in the middle. It’s going to be nearly impossible to capture everything I’m feeling, but I have to try and get it down since the details are already starting to blur in my mind. The whole thing was such a whirlwind.

The Friday of the rehearsal dinner was the first day that Chris took off, so that’s when the fun really started. I had finished all my must do errands on Thursday (dropped stuff off at the venue, contacted all my vendors and had my nails done), so I was feeling really calm and ready to go. We went for a very hot run together in the morning then heading to Westfield so Chris could pick up some shorts for our honeymoon. He had realized that day that he only had one pair of shorts he liked. Seriously. We chased our shopping session with breakfast at a cute little diner where I ate my face off. I thought I’d be too nervous to eat all weekend, but that was NOT the case.

After brunch, we went back home and tied up all our loose ends. We cleaned the house, packed our bags for the weekend and got the pets all squared away. Before I knew it, Chris’ parents arrived to help us bring stuff down. Once they were there, I really couldn’t contain my excitement anymore. I just wanted to get to New Brunswick so the fun could start. I felt sort of bad because I rushed them out the door so we could get on the road, but I was just way too excited for this weekend to finally be here.

We made great time getting to New Brunswick (which made me feel even sillier about all the rushing), and I was checked into my gigantic suite by 4pm. Chris helped his parents unload the car and get all checked in while I got changed and started on my hair and makeup. By 5:30, Chris had come up to get me, and after he picked his jaw up off the floor (wowed by the room, not me, well, maybe me too), we were eagerly jamming the elevator buttons (slowest elevator ever) to make our way down to the lobby and meet up with our people! My heart was racing when I saw so many of our family and friends in the lobby. I couldn’t stop smiling, and I felt like a crazy person darting from relative to relative giving hugs and just generally being ecstatic.

We made our way to the church to find that, of course, our Deacon had neglected to book our rehearsal. He was so absent minded throughout this whole process. He kept ragging on me for being so organized, but seriously, dude, you’re supposed to be on top of this. Luckily, our friends are just the best and were all there early, so the priest who had reserved the space for an earlier wedding the next day let us quickly rehearse while the other couple waited for their guests to arrive.

I guess if he had to neglect to book something, I’m glad it was the rehearsal and not the ceremony, but still. The church was easily 80 degrees inside, which took everyone, myself included, by surprise. The Deacon kept saying how surprised he was that it was so cool in there which made me pretty nervous for the next day. We sped through the rehearsal at breakneck speed to accommodate the couple waiting. I started off pretty upset about it (and I’m getting even more so as I type this up), but I was so thrilled to see everyone that I couldn’t waste a minute being upset. Looking back, it really was a bummer that he dropped the ball and we had to rush through our rehearsal. The moms didn’t get a chance to practice their readings (something they were both really looking forward to), and everything was so rushed, I had no idea what to do the next day.

The worst part of the botched rehearsal, which I didn’t realize at the time, is that it created a lot of anxiety surrounding the ceremony for me the next morning. I was hoping the rehearsal would help me visualize a calm, beautiful ceremony to look forward to, but every time I looked back on it the next morning, the frenzied rush really stressed me out. Luckily, none of that at all ran through my mind in the moment. I was just so happy to finally be there.

After our speedy rehearsal, we headed up the street for dinner. Harvest Moon was absolutely amazing. They were all set up and waiting for us, so we were able to sit down early. They sectioned off the prettiest part of the upstairs, and the service was just so wonderful. The food was fantastic too! I ate a little of everything and left feeling totally full and happy.



There were about 25 of us at dinner which was a great size. It allowed me to really talk to some of the people I’m closest with which made me feel a lot better about not getting to spend much time with anyone the next night. Chris’ dad and my mom gave beautiful, heartfelt toasts. Chris’ dad reminisced about Chris’ childhood and told a cute story about his foray into computers that I had never heard before. He is not a very emotional guy, so I was totally blown away about all the sweet things he had to say about me and my family. It meant so much to me. My mom gave a beautiful toast about how happy she was to become my mom and how wonderful meeting Chris was. She followed up with a fun game where she read a few romantic quotes and had everyone shout out guesses as to who said them. Everyone got really into it! My sister gave me the most perfect wedding gift. She compiled a scrapbook full of marriage advice and funny observations of us. The best part is that she didn’t want to tip me off to what she was up to, so she used our guest list to cull everyone’s names and SNAIL-MAILED the surveys to everyone! I couldn’t believe she went through that much effort, and it seriously meant so much to me.



Chris and I also got to give out our gifts and notes at the dinner, and it was great watching everyone react to the gifts we had spent months dreaming up and putting together. Even though I only had two glasses of wine, I was so happy and excited that I left feeling totally drunk. We all walked back to the hotel together, and some people were genuinely very drunk, so it was a great fun walk through our old college town.

Back at the hotel, I joined the groomsmen and their wives/girlfriends plus my dad and younger brother for a quick drink. And a shot. I told myself that the second I finally calmed down and felt sleepy, I’d head upstairs to bed, so after my first yawn, I asked Chris to walk me to my room.

He happily obliged and gave me a sweet kiss goodnight. We had agreed to go totally “radio-silent”, meaning no texts or calls until our first touch the next day. So, our goodnight was surprisingly emotional. We both got a little choked up knowing that the next time we actually saw each other, we’d be married! After our goodbyes, Chris headed back down for more fun, and I headed straight to bed. By the time I finished brushing my teeth, it was like 11:55, and I remember putting my head on the pillow and thinking, “I’m never going to be able to sleep tonight.” Next thing I knew, my 5:30 alarm was going off, and the covers were totally undisturbed as I clearly had slept like a stone and not even moved once throughout the night…


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