The Ceremony

Filed under the only anxiety of the day, the bus situation was not good. Twenty, then thirty minutes passed with no sighting of Chris’ grandparents. I was getting hot and very anxious, and I felt for all our guests sitting in the hot church and waiting for us. Finally, Chris’ dad got a call letting him know that Chris’ grandparents were waiting in the wrong church thanks to our bus driver’s lack of direction. I panicked at that point knowing it would take them at least 15 minutes to get to the right church, and everyone saw me panic and quickly suggested we start without them.

That was a hard moment for me. I knew Chris would have wanted them to process up the aisle, but I also knew we couldn’t make our guests or the church wait any longer as there was a 5pm mass scheduled. I spent the first half of the walk up the aisle panicking (thankfully my Grandpa was very calming) about whether or not I had done the right thing, but then I realized “Oh my God! I’m walking down the aisle for the first and last time! Get it together!” So, I grabbed my Grandpa’s arm, looked up and saw my love standing up there and everything else just faded away. I locked eyes with him and teared up a bit and he did too, and it was perfect. I set my sights on him and just enjoyed the rest of the walk.


The ceremony was perfect. It was cool on the altar and we were all able to sit and avoid some of the heat. Chris looked so handsome and happy, and it was just so wonderful being in that church I have already spent so many Sundays in on the most important Saturday of my life. The moms did a great job on their readings and the Deacon’s homily was relatively short and sweet. There was a lot of confusion as to where Chris and I were supposed to stand and what we were supposed to do throughout the ceremony, but no one noticed or cared, and we ended up man and wife which was all I really wanted anyway.

The only downside of the ceremony is that we had our backs to our guests the entire time. I kept wanting to turn around and sneak a peek, but to no avail. We did decided to head down into the pews to greet our immediate families during the sign of the peace, and that was a really special moment. Chris’ grandparents arrived shortly after the first reading, and I’m so thankful they were able to witness our vows!

We exchanged our vows and had our kiss. Chris put the ring on my finger. He was so cute and afraid of hurting me, so he only pushed it about half way. I made sure to get his on there good and tight! Haha! Time sped up and next thing I knew, we were recessing down the aisle. Everyone was clapping and cheering, and I was so happy I nearly exploded. Chris and I made it to the back and kissed and all our wonderful friends met us with hugs and cheers. It was perfect!

We took a few quick pictures and signed the marriage certificate in the stifling church before sending our guests back via bus (I THOUGHT) and doing the rest of our pictures on the beautiful campus lawns. Midway through our pictures we found out that the bus had never returned for anyone. Luckily, our wonderful friends ran back to the hotel and grabbed some cars to start bringing people back. The hotel offered up their shuttle, but some people still had to walk back in heels in the July heat. No one said anything about it, but I felt just awful. And mad. We were both steaming mad at that bus. Our photographer calmed us down and got some great shots of us before we headed back to the meeting point of the bus to figure out what to do next. To our surprise, he was there. I was so mad I got on without saying anything. He deposited us at the hotel and left without a word. Weirdest vendor ever…


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