The After Party!

After the party, it’s the after party. So, that’s what we did. Most guests not staying at the hotel headed out, but we made sure to grab whoever was left and head to the hotel bar. We drank a few more drinks and played a sloppy round of drinking card games before deciding that maybe that bar was a bit too upscale for our current state.

It may have been my idea. We’ll never know for sure, but someone suggested we head down the street to World of Beer. In our wedding clothes. In my wedding dress. Honestly, you only get one chance to head to a beer bar in a wedding dress, so we made our way. Once we got to the bar, Steph kindly notified the bartender that there was a bride in a wedding dress in the bar. Following that announcement, a literal flood of free shots made their way over to our table. People’s reactions ranged from confused to hysterical over our wedding party randomly popping in. There was a live band playing, so we made our way up to the front. Once the singer saw us, she came down off the stage and gave us the mike to badly sing a few choruses of everything from Weezer to Journey. It was so ridiculously fun and silly.

Unfortunately, too many free shots were my downfall, and after about a half an hour, I announced that I needed to go back to the hotel. Once again, our wonderful friends came to the rescue and escorted me and my new husband back up to our room and tucked us into bed before heading back out for more partying.

I slept like the dead which was definitely a good thing. I woke up next to my husband. Both of us were a little worse for the wear, but a couple long showers had us feeling more human and allowed us to head downstairs and meet up with some family for breakfast. We originally had grand plans of heading to a local diner, but our family was already eating in the hotel restaurant, and none of our friends had made it out of bed yet. We ate a little with our families then headed upstairs to pack up.

We eventually found our friends as we were loading the car, and everyone confirmed what a great night it was. It was sad to pack up and leave, but we both needed some rest, so we said our goodbyes and heading home to prepare for our next adventure…


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