The Barn-B-Q

I’ve still got a few honeymoon recaps to get to, but I figured I’d pause all the wedding talk for a minute to recap a fun run Chris and I did last weekend.

About a week before the wedding, an email full of upcoming races popped up in my inbox, and one of the only local races looked really intriguing. The race was billed as a multi-distance trail run in one of our favorite spots, Watchung Reservation. Specifically, the race was taking place in Feltville, which is an old abandoned town in the park. Chris and I had explored it when we first moved to the area, and we actually went there for a hike during my bachelorette weekend.

Figuring we’d want something fun to look forward to the first weekend after the honeymoon, Chris suggested we register. The race actually offered a run or hike option for all the distances save the 10 mile distance. Worried I’d be too full of pasta to ever run again, that made me feel more confident in signing up. So, we did!

The start time was 11 am which seemed a little late for the summer, but it ended up being a drizzly overcast morning, so it was nice to sleep in and still very cool at the start. Ambitious Chris really wanted to run or hike the 6 mile distance, but I was nervous we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the runners for 6 hilly miles, would get lost running by ourselves and would miss the fun after party if we hiked.

Oh yeah, the after party. That’s actually what really sealed the deal for us. The race offered beer and BBQ in a barn following the race, hence the name.

So, we decided to run the 3 mile distance. There was also a 2 mile option. Boy am I glad we only signed up for the 3! The trail was no joke! Almost the whole way was single file and threaded through the woods up and down hills and over rocks and branches. I had to stop and walk several times due to steep inclines or declines or loose rocks. We had debated bringing Layla, and I’m so glad we didn’t since she would have had none of that.

It was an intense full body workout considering how often I had to use my core to keep my balance or reach my arms out to grab trees and branches for support. It was actually awesome. We were totally exhausted by the end, but we had so much fun! The trail was incredibly well marked, which is really saying something because I get lost in my own town. The organizers were so friendly and helpful and really worked hard to ensure everyone had a fun and safe experience.


The after party was awesome too! They had kegs of beer and burgers, hot dogs, chicken, pulled pork, picnic sides and tons of snacks and chips. There were also games of corn hole set up along with plenty of tables and chairs.




Registration was very inexpensive ($40 per person) for all the food they offered. The barn was really spacious and offered actual bathrooms, which remained the cleanest public bathrooms I’ve ever been in through the end of the event. Maybe trail runners are just neater people?

Everything about the race managed to be simultaneously very well organized and totally laid back and fun. There was literally no detail that was missed which is amazing considering this was the first year of this race. It really was a wonderful day, and I’m glad we made the Barn-B-Q our first run as a married couple! I already can’t wait for next year!


3 thoughts on “The Barn-B-Q

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  2. Barn-B-Q here! I was scouring the internet looking for Barn-B-Q pics and landed here. Your blog is so flattering – thank you so very much! I’m thrilled that you guys enjoyed the event and had your first husband-wife race with us :o)
    We’ve been trying to recruit photos via the Facebook page and email. Would it be okay to snag your photos from here and share them?
    I’d love to share this link too, but I’ll totally understand if you don’t want your blog posted to everyone!
    Thanks! Tears (

    • Aw I’m glad you found me! We had such a fun time and couldn’t get over how well run the whole thing was for an inaugural event! Loved it! Feel free to post whatever wherever you want. I wish I had more pics, but we were too busy stuffing our faces 🙂


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