Marathon Training Weeks1-3

Spoiler alert: they weren’t too exciting.

Technically, there was no Week 1 anyway. I decided I wanted to run Philly 17 weeks out, so Week 1 had already passed. It was the week we got back from our honeymoon, and I was feeling less than motivated. The only run of the week was our fun trail run, so it looked like this:
M- fly home and rest
Tu- rest
W- rest
Th- rest
F- rest
Sa- 3 trail miles
Su- rest
Total – 3 miles

Week 2 was a little more exciting:
M- 2 miles
Tu- lower body workout
W- 3 miles
Th- rest
F- 4 miles
Sa- upper body workout
Su- 6 miles
Total- 15 miles

Week 3 was a bit of a wildcard because I was out of town at a HUGE and wonderful house in the Poconos for Steph’s bachelorette party. I’ve made the mistake of running out there before, and they ain’t called mountains for nothing, so I planned on running on Sunday when I got home.

Well, by Sunday I was sore from Saturday’s 7 hour white water rafting trip, exhausted from a late night out and not really eager to leave my family again. Besides, I still had to unpack, do laundry and go grocery shopping. Life stuff.

Needless to say it didn’t take much convincing to move Week 3’s long run to Week 4. Obviously, I regretted that decision the following week, but that was future Kate’s problem. Here’s the week:
M- 3 miles
Tu- 4 miles / lower body workout
W- upper body workout
Th- 3 miles
F- rest
Sa- white water rafting
Su- rest
Total- 10 miles

Total to date- 28 miles

There ya go… “3” weeks down, 15 to go!


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