Marathon Training Week 4

Week 4 was solid for race training. I spent the first three days of the week in work training that started and ended half an hour earlier than my normal hours. Let me just say, getting home at 6 two days rather than 6:30 makes such a difference! I couldn’t believe how much I was getting done even after work.

Even Monday when I had to do the previous week’s long run, I found myself in bed by 10:30! Chris joined me for the first half, which was great because it really broke up the run.

However, my luck turned on Wednesday when, despite training ending early at 4, I didn’t make it home until after 8. My 4+ hour (6.5 total for the day) commute was due to a stunning variety of transit failures, and I may or may not have had a full on breakdown in an alley behind Newark Penn Station. I did not run Wednesday night, but I dug deep and ran Thursday morning since I had book club that night.

That Thursday run was so dark. The sun doesn’t rise until 6 these days, and it turns out “darkest before the dawn” is a real thing. In Jersey City, all the street lights and ambient light made it possible to run pretty much whenever, so I guess I hadn’t thought about it before. Boy was I super thankful for my iPhone flashlight. I was convinced I’d see a bear around every corner. Turns out, even they were sleeping. Anyway, I need to invest in a reflective vest (the newspaper delivery car almost beamed me with a paper) and some lights. And a dog who isn’t a lazy lump.

The long run of the week went pretty well. The cool temperatures definitely help. I was out the door shortly after 7:30, back by 9:30, and I never felt hot. A few episodes of The Moth podcast got me through, and I finished feeling pretty good. My concern going forward is how I’m going to find routes around here for longer distances. All roads seem mysteriously to end up on the parkway out here, and I’d rather not run along a 10 lane highway.

I spent the rest of Saturday morning at the park with Chris and Layla walking the trails before taking Layla to the dog park. I think all the walking really helped prevent soreness because I felt fine on Sunday.

The only failure of the week was a complete lack of strength training and really minimal stretching. I ran too much during the week to really feel like doing anything else. I definitely could have gotten some yoga or weights on on Sunday, but between church and my confirmation and a little work in the basement, the day just got away from me.

M- 6 miles
Tu- 3 miles
W- no miles; a few tears
Th- 3.5 miles; no bears
F- 3.5 miles; a little foam rolling and hip openers
Sa- 9 miles; about a 90 minute easy hike
Su- rest 🙂

Total for the week: 25
Total to date: 53


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