Marathon Training Week 5

Listen, I know strength training is important because the internet says it is. I still hate it. I guess it’s because I don’t do it often, and when I do it, I’m sure I overdo it. Still, it feels so counterintuitive to engage in an activity while marathon training that makes running miserable. It just seems like no matter how few squats or deadlifts I do, I’m too sore to walk downstairs for three days. Why is that a thing? Ok. I’m done.

Still, this week reinforced that the hardest part of every workout really is getting started. For my Wednesday run, I spent the whole day hating the idea of running 5 miles. There’s a 4.25 mile loop that ends near my house, and I told myself I’d just run that and make up the distance the next day. Once I was out there though, it seemed ridiculous to skip the last .75 miles, so I ran right by my house (that does suck though) and finished the damn thing. Done and dusted. It ended up being the right call too because Thursday was another terrible day of commuting, and it took me forever to get him.

M- whole body weights workout
Tu- 3 very sore miles
W- 5 still sore miles
Th- 3 can’t believe I’m still sore miles
Sa- 10 miles!
Su- active rest with some house projects and a trip to the dog park
Total miles- 21
Total to date- 74

I’m trying to work on streamlining my nights when I do have longer runs. After I walk and feed the dog, I can’t even leave for a run until 7, and because I’m on the slow end, that means sometimes I’m not home until after 8 which makes cooking and eating and showering and being in bed by 11 ish a little tough. I’ve been trying some frozen meals from Trader Joe’s in order to avoid excessive takeout or just eating cereal for dinner. So far I’m underwhelmed. Still, they are convenient.

Podcasts have been a lifesaver this week. I just haven’t been in a music mood, so Stuff You Should Know and the Gist have been getting me through these runs.

Saturday’s long run was perfect. It was overcast and cool, and there were tons of people out and about to distract me from the distance.

Certain folks in my life are not thrilled with my marathon training. I’ll admit that all that running can be time consuming. I’m trying to prove that marathon training won’t be a life changer, but that’s kind of like when you’re drunk and trying to prove you’re sober. You over annunciate and say the alphabet backwards just to prove you can. The running equivalent is getting up before dawn to run and make it home before anyone wakes up then staying out until 4am just to prove you can. I feel a little like I’m burning the candle at both ends, but so far, I’m making it work. Only 13 more weeks to go!


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