Marathon Training Week 6

The theme of this week was HOT. The first real heat of August came this week, but I can’t even complain because it has been a seriously beautiful summer.

Chris and I took off work Monday to head to the beach for the first time this year. It’s been a busy summer, but we wanted to go at least once since it’s only an hour away. We got some ocean swimming in which I’m totally counting as cross training.

Tuesday and Wednesday felt so great. Having two full days of rest made such a difference and my 5th mile Wednesday was actually my fastest. Then Thursday came and I was just NOT FEELING IT. I don’t know why because it was about 15* cooler than the rest of the week and just perfect running weather, but I literally had to kick my own butt out the door. Some days, you just don’t feel it. I really love the structure of this running plan though. Doing all my midweek runs together leaves me slightly burnt out by Thursday, but I find myself willing to get it done knowing I have Friday off.

Saturday’s run was a nice treat because it was a step back week, and I got to run the whole thing with Chris. I even threw in an extra mile to sync up with his schedule. We left later than I usually do, and I couldn’t believe how much the heat took out of me. Still, having a companion made the miles fly by.

M- swimming in the ocean totally counts as cross training. Right?
Tu- 3 miles
W- 5 miles
Th- 3 miles
F- arms & abs workout
Sa- 8 miles
Su- rest
Total- 19 miles
Total so far- 93

I did have a scary realization this week. I looked ahead on my training plan (not advised) and realized this is my last week of a midweek 5 mile run. From here, I get into the 6-10 mile range. Midweek. It takes me over an hour to run six miles. Slow runner problems. My options at that point are either wake up at 4:30 to get the miles in or run until 9 at night. Neither option is really appealing, but I’m trying to stay committed, so I’ve been researching night time running gear. Oy. The good (?) news is despite canceling my gym membership in April, they never stopped billing me, so I guess there’s still that option. Unfortunately, that only works for night as they don’t open until 5am. We’ll see. I can’t believe I’m already one third of the way there! Let’s do this thing!


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