Marathon Training Week 7

This week did not start as planned. I had hoped to get my midweek longer run (6 miles) out of the way Monday since it was a holiday, so I had all day to run. Unfortunately, I kept telling myself Sunday that it was “only” 6 miles, so when I heard the siren call of sleeping in Monday, I didn’t resist. In my defense, the weather was predicted to be rainy and cooler. Imagine my surprise when it was 85 and 90% humidity by 9am. Chris headed out with me, and as we closed in on a mile and a half at like a 12:30 pace we just both decided it wasn’t gonna happen. We finished the 3.5 mile loop back to our house walking the last half a mile. It was just unbearable outside.

Tuesday was another super hot day, and an unusually high charge from Crunch reminded me that I do have a gym membership, so after many months, I headed over there with the intention of doing 3 treadmill miles. I’d been feeling sick all day and couldn’t decide if it was allergies or a cold, but I figured it was better to get my 6 miles out of the way in case I woke up sick the next day. That run took every trick in my book. I covered the clock. I watched Parenthood on my phone. I turned the treadmill off then back on after 3 miles to trick my brain into thinking I was running fewer miles. I stopped and walked once. I just was not feeling it. It wasn’t pretty, but it got done.

Wednesday wasn’t too much better. It was slightly cooler, and Chris wanted to run with me, so we ran outside. Again, though, I just couldn’t get into it. It just wasn’t my week for running, but I got it done.

Thursday was a bit better but I still felt lethargic. I started taking Claritin for the allergy symptoms I was having. I figured the meds were making me sleepy since non-drowsy really just means only-mildly-drowsing, but now I’m thinking I actually had a little cold. I just felt run down! The workouts were quickies I found on Pinterest and did in the basement. I think once this marathon is over, I might enlist a trainer to help me learn my way around the weight room and develop a routine. I did more weight stuff leading up to the wedding, and even unguided the results were pretty awesome. I’d definitely like to see more gains! For now, I’m just trying to strengthen my core to to support all these miles.

Friday was a total rest day in preparation for my long run Saturday. Only… the heat would not quit. I woke up at 7 after a sort of restless night and checked the weather on my phone while brushing my teeth… 80 freaking degrees! At 7:05. If it had been a shorter distance, I might have done it, but knowing I’d still be out there at 9:30 when the temps got up into the 90s, I decided to push it off a day. The rest of the day proved my decision right. It was insanely hot. I took my bike out for a quick 5 miles, and it was a total sweat fest. Gross.

Luckily, Sunday was so much better. Even though I woke up an hour later than I planned, the weather was perfect, and the miles got done. I felt much more motivated than I had all week. I don’t know if it was a cold or allergies still, but I’m glad to feel better. I focused a lot on my pace because I’ve been positive splitting something awful. I did feel like I was in slow motion for the first half of the run, but by the end I was so glad I went slow, and I did negative split! I worked a little on fueling too with some gels and lots of water. All in all, a successful long run!

M- 3 miles
Tu- 6 miles
W- 3 miles
Th- arms, abs & squats
F- rest
Sa- a little cycling around town
Su- 12 miles

Total miles: 24
Total so far: 117


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