Marathon Training Week 8

I had to shift my runs up a day this week to accommodate Thursday night plans. Not used to running on Mondays I just wanted to get it over with, so I picked up my pace, and it felt good to stretch my tired legs out. I stopped wearing my Garmin during the week, and it’s made my runs a lot more enjoyable. If I feel like going faster, I go faster. If I’m beat up from work, I take it slow. I have no time goal for this marathon. I just want to finish, so hopefully this laid back attitude will fit the bill.

Tuesday was a surprisingly great run. I had a rough day at work and a very congested head all day and was not really looking forward to running for over an hour. The weather was very cool and lovely, and even though I ran in the gym, I think it just helped being cool all day and keeping the gym cool. I watched a couple episodes of Parenthood, and the only annoyance of the run was that the treadmill cut out just after an hour. I thought I had it going again, but I think it was just giving me “cool down” time. When I had just a quarter of a mile left, it totally shut off! Talk about momentum busting. Still, I powered that beast back up and did my last little lap. The run definitely felt better than last week’s 6 miler, so that’s progress!

Plus, my wonderful husband had Chinese food waiting for me when I got home, which was basically the most wonderful thing ever.

Wednesday was my last run before the half marathon, and I was ready to be done. Four days in a row is a lot for me, and I was starting to feel it. As always though, after the first mile, I felt a lot better and finished feeling glad I’d run.

My hips and IT bands are starting to get tight, so I spent some time stretching and foam rolling and really did feel better. Also, Dr. Google tells me I have weak abductor muscles (outer hip/thigh). It sounds so odd, but when I run the insides if my heels kick the insides if the opposite ankles. Mostly it happens when I’m tired, so I looked it up, and the internet seems to think it’s due to an imbalance between inner and outer hip muscles. My inner hip muscles are pulling my legs in and my outer muscles are too weak to compensate.

Thursday was my monthly night out with my book club, and I thoroughly enjoyed it with a cheeseburger and a Malbec. We read To Rise Again at a Decent Hour by Joshua Ferris. It was nothing at all like Amazon described it, but an interesting read. As Amazon describes it is about a man who gets his identity stolen, but it focuses much more on that man’s neuroses and a bizarre cult like religion. This would have been nice to know going in, but it did make for some interesting discussion.

My little cold or allergies or whatever it is is back. Maybe I’m allergic to being at work? Maybe I’m just tired from all this running. I don’t know but my head has felt about 50 lbs too heavy lately.

So I probably should have run some miles between Wednesday and Sunday or at least foam rolled, but I did not. I rested and carb loaded. Does that count?

Sunday we were up bright and early for the Queens Half Marathon by NYC Runs. Chris did all the driving. I did all the getting us lost. The weather was cool and perfect. It was chilly at the start but beautiful and full of sunshine. Perfect running weather. I’ll do a separate recap, but it was a very fun race and a great day. We ended up meeting up with our friend Donny (hi Donny!) who was in town just for the day and luckily right next to us at Citi Field for a Mets Game! We found out we were all in the same area thanks to Instagram so way to go social media!

We spent the rest of the afternoon with family in Astoria eating some of the best Greek food I’ve ever had. It was a perfect long run day.

M- 3 miles
Tu- 6 miles
W- 3 miles
Th- rest
F- rest
Sa- rest
Su- 13.1 miles

Total- 25.1
Total so far- 142.1

This was probably the best week of training this far. I was my usual tired self but the mid week six miles weren’t too bad, and the long run was obviously the most fun yet. I just felt happy and like maybe 26.2 miles is possible after all.


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