Marathon Training Week 9

Last week’s half marathon really highlighted a lot of the muscle weaknesses I have as I wrap up the first half of training. It’s stuff I was already aware of, but feeling how bad it hurt at mile 10 and knowing I’ll have to go 16.2 miles further in 9 weeks sort of woke me up.

I spent Monday night doing some strength training and stretching to work on my hips, lower back and hamstrings. I actually felt a little less sore the next morning, and it only took me an hour, so this is definitely something I can commit to at least once a week.

Tuesday was the standard post work 3 miles. Chris joined me, and the weather was perfect, so this was a great run.

My mid-mid (mid-week, mid-distance) run went from 6 to 7 this week, and that freaked me out more than it probably should have. 6 is manageable. You can run it in an hour (you maybe, not I but still). It’s just two three milers. 7 is long. Despite my dread and some mild stomach issues, it ended up being a great run.

I broke it up into a 4 miler and a 3 miler and reset the treadmill in between. I walked for the first tenth of a mile at the start of the second part of the run, and that seemed to give me a second wind. I watched two episodes of Parenthood and was done by 8:15! Not bad. Plus, I felt awesome afterwards. Like, I was almost manic I was so energized, I even did some grocery shopping on my way home from the gym.

Unfortunately, I had no appetite after coming home and showering, so I had a few bites of pasta and a donut before falling asleep at 10. I think the mix of adrenaline and exhaustion (and sugar!) got to my brain because I had some wild dreams that night.

Thursday was a rest day. I had hoped to get a little strength work in, but we ran some errands in Westfield (including getting new running shoes!) and got back a little late.

Friday I had 4 miles on the schedule. Chris decided to join me for his first run back after (we think) spraining his foot during the half marathon. He thought it might be better by Friday, but it wasn’t, so about halfway through the run, he decided to walk (definitely the right call!). I walked back with him because it was late and dark and not generally a great time to be walking alone with a sore foot. I did some arms and abs and rolled and stretched some more when we got back.

This week was a cut back week on the plan, so I had 10 miles on the schedule for the weekend. It’s been getting cooler lately, so I decided to sleep in a bit before heading out around 10. It was probably a little too late as it was pretty hot when I finished, but I made it. I rolled and stretched again that night then again on Sunday! Look at me being responsible.

M- strength work and stretching
Tu- 3 miles
W- 7 miles
Th- rest
F- 2 mile; arms & abs
Sa- 10 miles
Su- rest with some stretching & rolling

Total miles: 22
Total so far: 164.1


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