Marathon Training Week 10

This week was about creative scheduling and just getting the runs done. Work was madness all week with a planned special team bonding outing on Thursday night and a happy hour on Friday. The team bonding ended up being rescheduled due to rain, but I didn’t find out until the day of. The weekend was devoted to a friend’s wedding, and I had to get over the half marathon hump with my first 15 miler.

My midweek runs were supposed to be 3-7-4 but there’s a perfect 3.5 mile loop by my house, so I switched it to 3.5-7-3.5 because I liked the symmetry.

The guy who helped fit me for my new shoes warned me to use the insoles sparingly at first because they would cause soreness. I decided to try them out during Monday’s shorter run. They felt exactly as you’d expect stiff plastic in your shoes would feel. They hurt. Hopefully, it’s a good “forcing your legs into alignment” hurt and not a bad one.

I can’t believe how dark it gets at 7:30 these days. I’m dreading setting the clocks back. I think. I still can’t figure out how that works. Anyway, it was a dark and spooky run. I ran the same path I always run and genuinely could not figure out where I was at points. That dark will get ya.

While I was out, Chris finished and addressed all our thank you cards, our last lingering to do from the wedding. I swear, if I wasn’t already married to that guy, I would have married him all over again. But then that would mean more thank you cards. Oh no.

Wednesday was a day we’d been preparing for at work for a month now. Not knowing what that day would bring, I decided to get my mid-week longer run out of the way on Tuesday. Gotta make hay while the sun shines, right? I ran in the new sneaks but without the new insoles, and my feet were still so sore. I did notice that my form was slightly better, so that’s something.

The 7 miles were tough mentally. I had to decide to keep running almost the entire time rather than just getting into a flow, but I kept on going and got it done. That’s a pretty good confidence boost on a Tuesday night.

Wednesday did end up being a later night so I was glad to have the longer run out of the way. I did my last 3.5 miler of the week with Chris whose foot is feeling better thankfully. I wore the new sneakers without the insoles, and my ankles were a little sore, but I think I’m adjusting.

I came home and did some strength training. I’m still trying to focus on strengthening my outer thigh muscles and abs whenever I can for the next 5-6 weeks before taper starts.

I didn’t have to run Thursday so I used my extra free time to clean our house top to bottom! I also did some arm weights and squats.

Friday, the panic over Saturday’s long run really started to settle in. So, I did the logical thing and went to happy hour. A coworker was leaving for a new job, and we all went out to celebrate. I had two glasses of wine which was probably one too many, but oh well.

Saturday I was up before the sun at 5:45 to eat and settle my stomach before heading out at 7. The first two miles were tough. I’ve had a lot of stuff on my mind lately, and the first two miles of a run are when all that stuff is forced to the surface, so my mental game was a little off. It actually took me until around 6 miles to hit my stride and get into this run.

I kind of hit the wall around 12 miles. I think I went out too fast. I tried to keep the same pace I’d had on last week’s 10 miler, but that proved too fast for the long haul. I stopped and walked for about a tenth of a mile which both helped and hurt. Mentally, it was nice to take a break. Physically it just highlighted how much everything hurt! I ran in my old shoes because I don’t think my feet have adjusted to the new ones, but my old ones are dead, and I felt it.

Luckily, I got a bit of a second wind once I turned around to head home and miles 13-15 weren’t too bad at all. I was so excited to run further than ever before it kept me going.

I’ve got fueling down on the run but I need to work on post run fueling. We had to rush out the door to the wedding as soon as I was showered, so I ate chips in the car as a refuel. Not the post 15 miler I was planning.

I walked around a fair bit Saturday afternoon so I was less sore than I anticipated, but I still spent some time foam rolling and stretching on Sunday.

I really loved this week of running. Instead of adding to the laundry list of other things I had to do, it really helped me clear my head and focus. I love when that happens.

M- 3.5 miles
Tu- 7 miles; foam rolled & stretched
W- 3.5 miles; legs & abs
Th- arms & squats
F- happy hour 🙂
Sa- 15 miles!!!
Su- foam rolled & stretched

Total miles: 29
Total so far: 193.1


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