Marathon Training Week 12

Are you getting bored of these yet? Too bad suckers. We got 6 more to go! So, these next two weeks are going to be the trickiest if maybe not the hardest.

I leave for Wisconsin on a work trip this week, and I’m parlaying that trip into a visit to Chicago to see my lovely bridesmaid and newly engaged best friend, Anastasia and her fiancé (!!) Justin. I’m too excited to see them for two days to even think about running for 3-5 of those hours. Also, it’s hard to plot a long run course in an unfamiliar city, and I didn’t want to chance it.

So, I had to reorganize the plan a bit. I swapped the long runs for this week and last and ran an 18 miler (!!) this week instead of the planned 12 so I could do the 12 during this week.

I’m worried (not a small amount) about overtaxing my body and getting hurt, so while my B goal is to hit all my runs, my A goal is to listen to my body and avoid injury at all costs.

Ok that was a stupid long intro. Let’s talks miles!

Monday I was much more sore than I expected. My quads were on fire all day. Luckily, (?) I actually walk a lot in the course of a work day, so I felt a little looser when I got home. Still, I hated the idea of running 4 miles. Chris came with me which means we could run outside (too dark and spooky to run alone these days) and made everything much better. We did it, and my quads were trashed by the end. I foam rolled and stretched and did wake up feeling better.

Tuesday I went back and forth all day on whether I should do the 5 miles or the 8. Wednesday was going to be a busy day, and I knew I’d have to work late, so it made sense to do the 8 on Tuesday, but I couldn’t justify it. In addition to my already sore quads, my knees and ankles were tight and achey. Not worth the risk. I did 5 miles on the treadmill messing with the speed and watching Parenthood to distract myself. I actually felt great by the end and so much better Wednesday morning, so it was the right call.

Still, like clockwork, I had one of my epic commutes on Wednesday. It took me over 2 hours to get home which meant getting on the treadmill at 7:45. The 8 miles actually went by pretty quickly though. I broke it up into two 3 milers and a 2 miler restarting the treadmill on every leg. I played around with the speed again, and by 9, I was walking to my car to head home. The rest of the night I was a weird mix of hyper and exhausted, but I was not nauseous this week, which was wonderful.

As I said before, I am really feeling it this week. By Thursday I was exhausted and sore, and excited not to run for a few days. Instead of running, I went to book club and had a great discussion and a lot of Sangria. We read Eleanor and Park, and everyone loved it.

Friday was another glorious rest day. I foam rolled and stretched and actually had time to blow dry my hair. I don’t usually have time to do that on nights I run as my usual post run routine goes shower as quickly as possible, eat as quickly and possible and pass out.

Friday was a bit stressful though because the weather looked so crappy for Saturday, but I really needed to do my long run then if I wanted to smush all of Week 13’s runs into the first half of the week. I spent a lot of time refreshing the weather app to no avail; it just kept reading cold and 100% chance of rain. Since I was already so nervous about running so far, I kinda psyched myself out.

I woke up Saturday to the sound of heavy rain and just went back to bed. When I finally woke up for good, I realized I definitely could have run. It was cold but not freezing and the rain had lightened up. Unfortunately, at that point I was mentally out of the game. I had also missed my window to run before our Saturday plans. I did a quick yoga session and just tried to focus on drinking a ton of water since that’s something I’m so bad about on the weekends.

Sunday turned out to be a totally beautiful day. It was 55 and sunny and just perfect. I had a really emotionally taxing morning which totally screwed with my head (plus all the crying really dehydrated me- kidding, kind of) and almost caused me to throw in the towel on running this weekend. I knew that would just make me feel worse though so I put on my shoes and just told myself to do whatever I could.

After the first 6 miles, I got into it and was happy to be out there. I forced myself to go at an almost comically slow pace until I got through half the run, and it helped so much! Go figure that paying attention to pace matters. I was going strong until about 11 miles when the thought of doing 7 more just seemed insane. I got in my own head and the wheels sort of fell off. Luckily, I was able to keep running until I hit 15.5 miles at which point I started alternating between running and walking.

This strategy actually worked much better than I expected. It hurt worse to walk, so I did it long enough to catch my breath than ran again. I would totally use this in the marathon though I hope to make it most of the way running.

I made it all 18 miles which was an amazing feeling! I got home and was so excited I wanted to cheer, but no one was around to hear me. I opted instead for a hot bath. Sorry, but an ice bath will never appeal to me. I filled the tub about halfway before the hot water totally gave out (#oldhouseproblems) so I did actually end up taking an ice shower which was about as unpleasant as it sounds. I spent the rest of the day wrapped in a million layers and cleaning my house while checking in on some amazing folks running the Chicago half. I am so totally jealous of those Chicago runners who are DONE and the NY ones who are tapering.

M- 4 miles
Tu- 5 miles
W- 8 miles
Th- rest!
F- foam roll & stretch
Sa- yoga
Su- 18 miles!

Total miles: 35
Total so far: 260.1


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