Marathon Training Week 13

Lucky 13! This was always going to be a weird week of training due to some planned work travel and a weekend trip to Chicago. It resulted in a lot of running on tired legs, which I hope was good training. I made it through with no lingering aches and pains, and that’s all I can really ask for.

Monday ended up as a rest day though I had planned to run. I was much more sore than I expected from Sunday’s 18 miles, and I just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to run again.

I needed to get all my runs done in the morning this week, so Tuesday I was up at the ridiculous hour of 4:45. It wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. For me. I had to cajole the dog out of bed to take her out and feed her breakfast before I left for the gym, and she was not amused.

It was a weirdly warm day, so the gym was 800 degrees when it opened, but I got through a sweaty and sleepy 6 miles by about 6:15.

Wednesday was a work from home day for me since I had to fly out in the afternoon, so I tackled my long run. I didn’t feel so hot when I woke up. It was super muggy and way too warm again, and I think it just had me feeling sluggish. I finally made it out the door and ran the 12 miles. Mentally, it was on the easier end since it was so much shorter than last week’s long run. Physically, it was a challenge. My legs were still pretty tired, and by the halfway point, they felt like lead. I drank two bottles of water and was still thirsty. I ended the run a sweaty, salty mess. Oof.

Thursday, I woke up in Wisconsin and ran my 6 miles in the hotel gym. It was quiet and dark at 5 am but again, so hot! I ran into a coworker on my way back up to my room and he asked if I had enjoyed my swim. Gross.

Friday was an exact repeat of Thursday only slightly hungover after a team dinner the night before.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty glorious. I made it to Anastasia’s apartment Friday night and had a wonderful time catching up with her and Justin. I slept in the rest of the weekend, and other than walking around town to a few bridal salons (!!) did absolutely nothing but eat, drink and be merry. Doesn’t get much better than that!

M- foam roll and stretch
Tu- 6 early miles / roll & stretch
W- 12 crazy humid miles
Th- 6 miles
F- 6 miles
Sa- wedding dress shopping!
Su- rest 🙂

Total miles: 30
Miles so far: 290.1


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