Marathon Training Week 14

It felt good to be back home for this week’s runs. It’s much easier to schedule everything when I’m in one place. It was also comforting to know that I’m really in the home stretch. Two more tough weeks and one easier week then the race. Wow. That happened quickly.

Monday, I wasn’t really feeling like running mostly because I was tired from work and had a lot to do to get caught up at home. Still, I knew I didn’t want to run Wednesday night, and I was pretty well rested from not running Saturday or Sunday. I came home and tried to head back out as soon as possible.

I was on the treadmill by 7 and back home by 8! Not bad. I hesitate even saying this, but 5 miles almost felt short. Almost. I maxed out my cell phone data streaming Parenthood, so I decided to just buy the first season of the Wire to watch while running. I’ve been meaning to watch that show anyway. It’s really good.

I spent most of Tuesday wondering how I was going to finish 9 miles that night. That’s a lot for a weeknight, especially on the treadmill. Then I let my mind wander to next week when that run becomes 10 miles. I tried to reel myself back in and just focus on each step. Make it home on time, get changed, get out the door, get on the treadmill and just start.

It worked and I got the 9 miles done which was such a relief for the week. I broke it up into 5 and 4 (I always have to restart the treadmill after an hour) and it wasn’t so bad. I listened to a Stuff You Should Know podcast for the 4 miles and Shake It Off on repeat for the 5th mile. Then I switched to The Wire for the last 4 miles. That was my carrot, and it worked.

Chris ordered us Tex-Mex takeout while I ran, and that was pretty motivational too.

I made Wednesday night a rest day because I had a busy day Thursday, and it ended up working out well. Wednesday was a very blustery day and rain was blowing sideways and up under my umbrella for my whole commute home. By the time I got home I was soaked and the last thing I wanted to do was head to the gym. So I did a little leg and an strengthening and foam rolled and stretched a bit. I probably could have done more, but I wanted to relax a little.

Oof Thursday. Physically, I was not into this. I spent way too much time walking around in heels during the day and my feet and ankles were really sore. I ate a late, small lunch and came home hungry, so I ate a small bowl of cereal before my run and just felt full and cramps the whole time. The gym was 800 degrees yet again, and I had taken some stomach medicine that made me so sleepy.

Mentally though, I was ready. I’m so happy with how far my mental game has come. Before I started this training , I would have cancelled or scaled back this run, but I’ve actually gotten used to being uncomfortable, and I’m not as scared of it anymore. I knew it would suck, but I knew I could do it, and that was cool. 5 miles. No stopping, and I even kicked it a little for the last mile.

Friday and Saturday were pretty lazy days. I should have used that time to stretch or do some strength training, but I didn’t. I spent a long time in the car Saturday driving to a bachelorette party in south Jersey and back, and I woke up Sunday feeling really stiff.

Somehow I managed to convince Chris to spend his Sunday morning running with me. Probably, the nice weather swayed him. He only planned on joining me for the first 5 miles, but he stuck it out for 7 which got me halfway through my run. It was wonderful.

Every long run I’ve done so far has been alone. Despite generally enjoying running on my own, running the same routes again and again can get pretty dull. Having some company really made the miles tick by quickly, and by the time I started the second half, it felt like nothing. I’m already trying to recruit volunteers for legs of next week’s peak 20 miler.

Though I had company, and the first 6 miles on Sunday really hurt. I was really tight and my feet were super sore. I was kicking myself for not stretching more and am really going to try to this week.

After the halfway point, I fell into a groove and actually kept a really decent pace. The weather was about 300xs better than the last long run, and that put some pep in my step too. It’s still fairly warm for this time of year, but the high for Saturday (day of the planned 20 miler) is only 45 degrees, so hopefully that’ll give me a good idea of what a late November marathon will feel like and help me figure out what to wear and such.

M- 5 miles
Tu- 9 miles
W- strengthen & stretch
Th- 5 miles
F- rest
Sa- rest
Su- 14 miles

Total miles: 33
Miles so far: 323.1

Being in the home stretch is pretty great. I’m still insanely nervous for my longest run yet, but ticking off the remaining hard runs as I work towards taper makes everything seem more manageable than it did a few weeks ago. Ok Philly, I’m (getting) ready for you!


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